Power Company Admits Radioactive Water Is Leaking From Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Officials noticed that the water level in the underground wastewater trench was rising and falling with the tide levels. Just recently the country announced its desire to restart its nuclear plants.

The nuclear plant hit by the 2011 tsunami in Japan has been leaking contaminated water, says the firm that runs it. This is the first time the Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, has admitted to a leak, despite the discovery of radioactive groundwater last month.

In a press conference yesterday, TEPCO was quick to stress that the radioactive water is currently confined to the man-made harbor surrounding the plant. Japan is keen to restart its nuclear power program, which it stopped for a "safety review" following the disaster. The country relies on this method of power, but it could pivot, into the renewables sector. This would, of course, come at a cost—and at a time when Japan's economy could be better.

Where do you stand on the nuclear power debate? Are you for it, or against it?

[Image: Flickr user Jun Teramoto]

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  • MarkGoldes

    massive release of radioactivity from Fukushima fuel pools remains a
    time bomb: 'No matter where we are on this planet, our lives are still
    threatened every day by a Unit 4 fuel pool left hanging 100 feet in the
    air. At any moment, an earthquake we all know is coming could send that
    pool crashing to the ground.' This 'fragile pool laden with enough
    fuel rods to poison countless millions …remains horrifically vulnerable
    to seismic activity that could send it crashing down to a permanently
    contaminated earth.'" Harvey Wasserman Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
    An all too possible solar superstorm could cause "hundreds of Fukushimas". Burning more radioactive fuels is a non-starter.Revolutionary
    alternatives are emerging. Cold Fusion is one example. In spite of the
    name, some recent variations appear to be non-nuclear. And none need
    radioactive fuels. See CHEAP GREEN on the AESOP Institute website.A
    conference is now in progress at the University of Missouri at which
    several cold fusion systems appear en-route to commercialization.An
    engine has been invented that substitutes atmospheric heat for fuel.
    Prototypes are in the works. Once validated by an independent
    laboratory, plastic desktop versions of these piston engines are likely
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  • Tony M

    Whenever a leak of radiation is mentioned it is very very important to consider the magnitude of the radiation leak and what threats it actually poses to surrounding populations. If you do that research on this particular leak you will find that it poses a negligible threat. Fukushima was a terrible incident, but one that caused no fatalities and is not expected to lead to any measurable rise in cancer rates according to the World Health Organization. Coal plants emit inhalable radiation at an exponentially greater rate than any leaky nuclear plant and the deaths they cause annually are quantifiable and unacceptable.

    Moving completely to renewables for a highly industrialized nation such as Japan simply isn't economically possible. Expensive imported coal and gas have replaced nuclear in Japan thus far, and the emissions that they emit will undoubtedly cause more deaths than Fukushima, which was an entirely avoidable accident caused by operator negligence, not inherent design flaws of the reactor itself.