These Wetsuits Make You Invisible To Sharks

Will you go for the underwater camo version that blinds sharks to your presence, or one in monochrome neoprene that signals to the predators to keep away?

A firm has developed what it says are the first shark-repelling wetsuits alongside an Australian university. Shark Attack Mitigation Systems, or S.A.M.S. for short, buddied up with scientists from the University of Western Australia to create the eye-catching suits, which use breakthrough technology to keep the predators at bay and, hopefully, surfers and divers safe.

One suit uses a design that "blinds" the shark to the presence of the diver—a type of underwater camouflage, if you like—while the other, a monochrome number, is designed as a warning sign to the fish to keep away. Professor Shaun Collin of the University of Western Australia's Ocean Institute said the designs use "nature's technology, based on high contrast-based banding patterns."

With the number of sharks in the world's oceans—not to mention the strange razor-toothed weather phenomena such as sharknados—currently at critical level, there is some argument that the sharp-toothed swimmers actually need protection from humans. Two years ago, the state of California banned the sale of shark fins. Perhaps it is time for the University of Western Australia to look at a wetsuit for sharks to avoid being targeted.

[Image: Flickr user Michiel Van Balen]

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  • jeffberg

    Isn't this just going to cause more shark attack victims to be missing their heads, hands and feet?

  • JerryKraut

    Saw a documentary on grizzly bears once. The film makers had sprayed bear repellent on some of their gear. A bear came up, sniffed, and then started rubbing his body against it trying to spread the apparently very attractive 'perfume' all over it. Hope these wetsuits work better.