Google's Futuristic Airport Billboards Are Interactive, Allow You To Download Content

Google's new Australian campaign for the revamped Google Play shop lets users download music and games from airport billboards via NFC.

Google is testing out a new Australian pilot campaign which lets users download media and Android apps from airport billboards. The new signs at domestic airports in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane were created for Google by agency Ooh Media and are part of a growing trend by airports to use NFC technology. According to travel agency industry, anything that reduces lines at check-in and in-airport retailers is a good thing, so why not check in via NFC or buy on-flight entertainment via NFC?

The billboards use Red Crystal software to beam content onto users' phones. Warwick Derby of Ooh told NFC World that "the Google Play campaign is Ooh's most unique use of NFC, QR, and Red Crystal technology to allow consumers to control a screen without needing to download an app. They can select the content they want displayed on the big advertising screens and then download movies, magazines, books, music or games from the Google Play Store immediately to their Android device."

Not coincidentally, Google's also pushing NFC very heavily these days.

[Image: Ooh Media]

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  • Anthony Reardon

    Very interesting Neal,

    Actually, seeing this makes me wonder why do I even need a device. If I've got the chip, maybe wherever I go I can just tap into my custom web. Might make carrying around a phone or tablet seem kind of bulky, and make providing multi-media web interface by companies wherever you go a given formality like napkins at a restaurant.

    Best, Anthony

  • flyguy

    Nice execution but letting down Google's reputation by 'oOh! media' as they have shown an iPad and I'm 99% sure in one clip an iPhone which is 100% useless for NFC and Google play.

  • Stuart

     Yes, for the complete customer experience, should incorporate iOS and Win8 devices, not all customers use Android. Yep, saw the iPad! Reminds me of a Microsoft talk I went to a few years ago, where the multimedia presentation was done using a Mac!

  • Lyndon

    Very cool.  The possibilities for using this technology for marketing purposes is huge.