Google recently sent its Street View cameras to the top of Dubai's Burj Khalifa tower, the world's tallest building.

Not an ice-cream seller, but a Google trike pedaling round the Spanish city of Granada.


Why use one method of image-grabbing when you can use two?


This shot, from a Street View car in Hackney, London...


...ended up on Instagram. The biter bit, as it were.


Kala Pattar is easily reachable, at just over 18,000 feet.

Google Street View

It went up Mount Kilimanjaro...

Google Street View

And even underwater, to seven of the most beautiful coral reefs on the planet.

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Soon You'll Be Able To Tour Venice On Google Street View

You'll be able to wander the streets of Venice from your computer later this year. Until then, a look back at Google's best geographical Wow! moments.

Google has sent its Tracker cameras into Venice, one of the world's most beautiful and inaccessible cities. Given that the watery city is closed to cars, an army of Street View vehicles careering, Italian Job-style, down the tiny pedestrian streets was not going to work.

Let us not forget how Google innovates to solve problems. (And let's not forget how other people innovate to fill in the gaps that Google leaves.) No cars allowed? Let's build a trike. Trikes refused access? Here's a 33-pound backpack with a 360-degree camera attachment.

So, for all you intrepid deskbound would-be vacationers, here's a slideshow of Google's best geographical Wow! moments.

[Image: Flickr user zugaldia]

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