America Reacts To The George Zimmerman Verdict

Americans took to Twitter to express their feelings about the Zimmerman trial—and at times, the tweets were downright violent.

George Zimmerman has been acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges in the trial over the shooting death of Trayvon Martin last year.

Trends on Twitter indicated that the vast majority of chatter in the hours after the announcement was about the verdict, with terms like "Rodney King" and "Emmet Till" trending alongside a hashtag that featured some very graphic tweets: #IfIEverSeeZimmerman.

Meanwhile, many on Twitter wondered nervously if riots would erupt in the hours following the trial. It looks like in some parts of the country, like Oakland, San Francisco, and D.C., some protesters did indeed begin to take to the streets:

Here, some reactions from the Martin family, celebrities, and members of the public. It appears that Twitter has suspended some of the accounts from which some of the more violent tweets we saw on Twitter, threatening Zimmerman and his family, were sent.

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  • Harryj438

    George Zimmerman got away with murder but it not over he still got to answer to God. Now he got to go into hiding. He will face a wrongful death suit and still some jail time and in there somebody going to take him out. It going to be bad for him no matter where he go and all the money in the world want save his ass this time.

  • Richard Rider

    100+ U.S. blacks murdered by other blacks every WEEK. 94% of blacks murdered are killed by other blacks. About 50% of ALL murders in America are committed by blacks.  Wikipedia link to above facts within my article below.

    Yet the black community and the press dwell on the Zimmerman case -- carefully refusing to face the real problem.  Perhaps now that the trial is completed, the African-American community will start dealing with their HUGE internal murder epidemic.


  • 'Lisa Marco

    Martin got what he deserved! If a little punk was pounding my head into
    the pavement and I had a weapon, I would use deadly force to defend
    myself! Finally some Justice for Zimmerman! That man has been through
    hell and I am happy he's been found not guilty! The jury had to decide
    if he was the aggressor or the victim....and he was clearly the victim! I
    love Florida's self defense laws!

  • buggie

    Only pussy who can't fight would say the things you are saying point blank Zimmerman pursue this kid after he was told not to and he took his fat ass over there cause he and a gun and thought he was gone to handle the young boy but tryvon got on his ass and he could not get get him off so he shot him

  • Orchids Andboots

    I really can't believe there was no verdict. i live in miami and wasn't either obsessive or disinterested in the outcome but thought the facts would outweigh the race cards or the crackers in the box numbers and the facts were there is a dead body and a reason for it with a name and a wrong