Gamer Boys Are Mad That Xbox's New Boss is a Woman

Julie Larson-Green is Microsoft's new Xbox head, and gamers are fuming on Reddit and other message boards because she's a woman.

Julie Larson-Green has been at Microsoft for 20 years, and the executive—newly appointed as head of Xbox—is widely considered to be one of Redmond's most talented leaders. So why are gamers so upset that Larson-Green is in charge of the Devices and Studios Engineering Group, which oversees the Xbox? The appointment was announced as part of a sweeping companywide reorganization this week. But it seems many gamers are displeased just because she's a woman, as The Atlantic Wire's Rebecca Greenfield writes.

Users on social gaming news site N4G said (via Lauren Cartwright) that, "Now their (sic) will be apps dedicated to baking and knitting," "A woman... lol," and "But dem botox lips . . . clearly the best person for the job."

Meanwhile, Redditers added to the message board complaining, saying "Just watched her MS dev speech. Holy crap, that's a lot of botox and face lifts" and "Cooking Mama is coming to XO." Though, to be fair, the sexist comments on Reddit were quickly downvoted.

As for Twitter, folks are mostly positive. One Twitter user, Jonathan Rothwell, noted "~50% GameSpot comments "omg bewbs kitchen girl lolol" etc."

Over here at Fast Company, we asked our own gaming enthusiast Kit Eaton for his take on whether a woman can oversee a gaming project. His response? "The most badassest fraggers I have ever met, and the most skilled WoWers are women."


[Image: Berenstain Bears/HarperCollins Children]

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  • dsar

    We don't hate her because she's a woman, we hate her because of her phonyness, the fact she has never played a game in her life and she has a serious botox addiction. She is a wierd joke, no one is mad, we are laughing at the dumb bitch

  • TonyGuest

    As for Twitter, folks are mostly positive. One Twitter user, Jonathan Rothwell, noted"~50% GameSpot comments "omg bewbs kitchen girl lolol" etc."How is that "positive"? That's still misogynistic!Poor immature young men breeding ignorance through party chats... wth are their fathers and what kind of values are we teaching them???

  • DAinLA

    What a horrendous, sensationalist little blog post you've created.  I immediately went to Reddit, the thread you linked to, and what did I find?  Intelligent comments that have nothing to do with gender at  the top, as voted upon as the best comments.

    The ones you pick out, voted down, as in "unpopular."

    Complete nonsense.

    And let's not pretend botox and facelifts are only commented upon when women have them.   It's universal when people change their faces that others comment.

    Poor post but you'll get your hits!

  • Sacco Vanzetti

    Clearly stated in the article.. "Though, to be fair, the sexist comments on Reddit were quickly downvoted."

  • blurgh

    It should be noted that these sexist idiots don't represent gamers as a whole. They are a (unfortunately very vocal) minority.

  • Zed

    This is disgusting! How stupid, immature and misogynistic can you possibly get?! But then again, this IS the XBOX community we're talking about...

  • BoBelinski

    Yes, Zed, those comments were for sure stupid, immature and misogynistic - kind of like most of the games these imbeciles play. Why is anyone surprised?