5 Tips To Stay Productive All Day Long

You're in a slump, huh? Join the crowd. Time to crank up that stereo, shut down your Facebook window, and then catch some Zs, to get back on track.

So you're having trouble getting through the day in one productive piece.

Don't worry, you're not alone. We've all been there.

Staying productive is hard. Maybe you can't stop thinking about your grandmother's herring with potatoes and cottage cheese, or the long-awaited return of the Twinkie—whatever it is, it's not work.

So that's why we're here, or rather, that's why you're here for each other. Earlier in the week, we asked you for some tips for keeping the pace, and you delivered. Below are our five favorites, and if you have any more, share them in the comments!

What's your best tip for staying productive throughout the day?

1. Get back to basics: A good night's sleep and early rise

It's no secret that a good night's sleep is the key to a great (and productive) day. Not getting enough of the good stuff can make you fat, stupid, and even kill you. Seriously.

For the overachievers: Try getting up super early (like 4 a.m. early)—it can do wonders for your productivity.

2. Set goals and practice discipline

Setting goals can be the difference between failure and success in life. They're also a great way to track your progress—and keep that forward momentum—no matter how big or small.

3. Give yourself some "me time"—and a few cups of coffee

Sometime's you've just got blast some tunes. Our Friday pick:

4. Be more Zen

Good call! Meditation can help you become a more effective leader, and boost your creativityeveryone at Google is meditating, so why won't you?

5. Avoid what you know will kill your productivity

Yes, it's true: Facebook is a black hole of productivity! If you're having trouble prying yourself away from social media (or screens in general), head over to our unplug section, where you can learn how to break the habit.

Thanks for all the responses! If you have any more suggestions, or want to make fun of our taste in music, feel free to share in the comments!

[Image: Flickr user Sacks08]

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  • justy461

    This is a great post! I find that a visual representation really keeps me focused and on track. Whether it's personal fitness, meditation, work, or sleep, I always keep everything organized with my wellness planner Owaves (www.owaves.com). It has a really unique fun and visual platform which I contribute my productivity to.

  • Dr. Marc Tinsley

    Coffee? Really? Any more bad advice?

    If your goal is to balance productivity with occasional crashes, by all means, drink some java. But if you're looking for sustained energy, look elsewhere.

  • Rlgorospe

    Always stay in good shape to be able to maintain your productivity.  Of course, you have to love what you're doing to be able to produce the best in you.

  • Ariyanto Adi Nugroho

    Make reminders on Google Calendar. We can jot tasks and events that we dedicate to get things done. Facebook ? Can't agree more !

    Great article.

  • tgSF

    Interesting that Bookface is so widely noted to be a productivity killer, when for us photographers it's a necessary element to being productive in the modern world!... I hate having to go to FB all the time, but it's where people are plugged-in.

  • Noel Hollis

    Only open your outlook at specific times. I usally do it on the top of the hour, so that I'm not spending all day chasing emails. 

    If someone really needs you they'll call or walk over to your desk.

  • Elizabeth M. Lane

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