Google has updated its Maps app on Android, offering recommendations tailored to a user's location and surroundings.

Users can save their favorite locations and get tailored recommendations.

Google says you can "tour cities with stunning, 360-degree Street View and see inside restaurants, museums and more."

A zoom in on Macy's in NYC.

The app will re-route you if you stray from your original directions.

Google suggests faster routes.

Google Cleans Up Android Maps App, Ditches Latitude Location-Tracker

Google has revamped the interface of its Maps app for Android with a cleaner display of the maps themselves, borrowing some of the look from its newish iPhone app—created to rival Apple's own service on iOS. There are also some new features, including real-time traffic rerouting, traffic incident reports, and extras like Zagat reviews.

But Maps isn't Google's only location-based mapping system, and it has a bunch of others including Latitude—a location sharing app that transmits the owner's location in real time so friends and family can know where everyone is. Google now says it's retiring Latitude on August 9th, and is taking down its apps, online service, and APIs. This dramatic house-cleaning is seemingly aimed at making sure no remnants of Latitude survive, so users and other third-party services who are still interested in this sort of power move over to Google+. Google is placing serious attention onto G+ to thread its APIs throughout as many Google services as possible.

[Image: By Flickr user Johan Larsson]

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  • angelinajhon

    Wij hosten onze eigen domein op google apps en het vandaag waren we niet in staat om
    stuur e-mails naar elkaar. de fout die we kregen was

    Dit is een automatisch gegenereerde Delivery Status Notification

    Levering aan de volgende ontvanger is mislukt permanent:

          pravinseller @ ******. com

    Technische details van permanente mislukking:
    PERM_FAILURE: Google geprobeerd om uw boodschap over te brengen, maar het was
    verworpen door de ontvanger domein. Wij adviseren contact opnemen met de andere
    e-mailprovider voor meer informatie over de oorzaak van deze fout.
    De fout die de andere server terug was: 553 553 sorry, het doorgeven
    ontkende vanaf uw locatie [] (# 5.7.1) (staat 14). ""

    Kan iemand mij helpen met dit?

  • Hndrlvr

    I wish they wouldn't get rid of latitude, it is a great way to keep track of your kids, and if, god forbid, they were to get kid napped, it can help fund them. Please reconsider, or find another way to keep track of phones, please