The bigger the spot, the faster the download. The greener the spot, the faster the upload. A white dot means it's free, a grey dot means you have to pay. Can you guess what the red and amber dots mean?

Tap a button on your screen and you can run a 30-second speed test, while discovering more information, such as whether the WiFi is free, and the type of establishment or venue it is in.

And, like all the best things, you can share the information on Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, Google Maps and even TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Thanks to its servers situated in 38 data centers worldwide, SpeedSpot can instantly tell you where the best place is to go for any heavy lifting on the Internet front.

If SpeedSpot is a success, will it force establishments with WiFi to up their game and provide faster, stronger service? Let's hope so.

New App SpeedSpot Guides You To Fastest Wi-Fi In Your Area

Of all the things we've been crowdsourcing, why didn't we think of Wi-Fi sooner?

Here's a useful tool for just about everyone: SpeedSpot. It's an iOS app that lets you test the Internet speed of Wi-Fi networks in your area, whether they belong to coffee shops, hotels, or other places. You can then share the test results with your friends, and have results shared with you. Essentially, SpeedSpot lets you crowdsource Wi-Fi speed so you can "find the fastest Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere in the world."

It's free, it's easy to use, and you can bet your entire monthly data download limit that it's going to hit the top of the App Store faster than you can say "fast."

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