Buried iOS 7 Code Gives Rise To Slow-Motion iPhone Camera Rumor

The feature, called Mogul, was found inside iOS 7 beta.

Is a slow-motion camera feature going to be a feature on the new iPhone? That's what 9to5Mac thinks, claiming there is evidence buried in Apple's iOS 7 beta of a new "Mogul" mode for taking 120 frames-per-second video--producing faster, more precise footage that is usually slowed down.

The rumor fits in well with the increasing popularity of camera trickery--with apps such as Vine and Instagram currently dominating consumer technology and being such an integral part of social media, a slow-mo string to Apple's bow would probably do quite well.

Apple will not be the only hardware firm to offer slow-motion footage, however, as Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone already records at 120 f/ps. The code from Cupertino doesn't work on an iPhone 5--9to5Mac attempted to test it out--but that doesn't mean it's not something we're going to see on a future iteration of the iPhone. The question is, when?

[Image by Flickr user Harry Vale]

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