SpoonRocket. "It's better than cooking." And probably fast food.

From today's menu: butternut risotto. Arborio rice with tart apple, butternut squash, sweet onion on a bed of baby spinach, with roasted cauliflower, and braised fennel.

Carnitas enchiladas: Braised pork with red onion and white cheddar wrapped in white corn tortillas baked in red chile sauce, served with black beans and Spanish rice.

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Today's Most Innovative Company: SpoonRocket, Weaning Us Off Fast Food

The Y Combinator-backed startup offers up gourmet food with speedy delivery times in an attempt to revolutionize our bad eating habits.

A startup called SpoonRocket is delivering $6 healthy gourmet meals to hungry people in San Francisco's East Bay. What kind of gourmet meals? How does braised pork with red onion and white cheddar wrapped in white corn tortillas baked in red chile sauce and served with black beans and Spanish rice sound? That's an item on today's menu.

SpoonRocket's website touts that ordering its food is "better than cooking," which, depending on your culinary skills, might be true. But it's also better, and potentially cheaper, than fast food, and that's also part of the plan. SpoonRocket wants to provide an alternative to the local drive-thru. The average delivery time, according to cofounder Anson Tsui, is 10 minutes. Probably faster than your local pizza joint.

SpoonRocket seems to be a success, as it reportedly has plans to expand soon. But will we see it on next year's list of Most Innovative Companies?

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  • shomac

    I am not sure how the dish you mentioned will revolutionize our bad eating habits? Pork, cheese, and rice? Saturated fat and empty carbs. Don't get me wrong, it sounds good, but not so different than fast food in terms of health impact.

  • BUSD Mom of 3

    She mentions those items to entice fast-food lovers...these are complete meals, with fresh ingredients, including vegetables. Here are today's two options:
    Roasted garnet yams, crumbled tofu, ricotta cheese, russet potatoes, panko, spinach, fennel, shallots

    Grilled pork chops with apples and onions, Jack Daniel's glaze, dry fruit chutney, winter root gratin, spaghetti squash