Cleveland Kidnap Victims Release YouTube Video To Say "Thank You"

Using the public relations firm Hennes Paynter Communications, the three girls chose to appear in a video, rather than doing the TV circuit.

Amanda Berry, Gina De Jesus, and Michelle Knight, the three women kidnapped in Cleveland by Ariel de Castro, have made their first public appearance since being freed two months ago—and they used YouTube to do it in an attempt to keep their privacy.

The video, at just three minutes, doesn't give much away, but it does give the world its first look at the three young women, who were abducted as teenagers. In it, they and their families thank everyone for their support, anyone who donated to the campaign, and urge them to rely on their neighbors—after all, it was the man next door, Charles Ramsey, who called 911 and freed the girls.

The trio all look strong, self-possessed, and it's a genius move by the public relations firm Hennes Paynter Communications, giving the women total control over what could have been an agonizing media bunfight.

[Image by Flickr user aisletwentytwo]

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  • scallywag

    Then again one wonders too what these women actually thought during their captivity, if they ever believed in freedom one day or whether they had simply one day acquiesced to the horror that had befallen them, similarly in a way so many of us so often accept debilitating circumstances in real life? Which is to say did this day of freedom and redemption catch them beyond their wildest dreams?

    After all how many of us can literally believe in salvation when in the deepest throes of hell and torment at such a visceral level....?