This is a screenshot of an image that appeared on the game's Google Play page.

This is the version of the game we were able to download before it was apparently taken down from Google Play a second time. (Vine: Kit Eaton / Fast Company)

This is the version of the game we were able to download before it was apparently taken down from Google Play a second time. (Vine: Kit Eaton / Fast Company)

The app's Google Play description, before it was removed.

Many Google Play customers gave the app a low rating.

"Angry Trayvon" Game Removed From App Stores, Then Reappears

As the Trayvon Martin trial plays out on cable networks, many online were outraged by this smartphone game.

Updated 10:15 a.m.

A smartphone game called Angry Trayvon which sparked outrage online was apparently removed from app stores last night, according to a Facebook post—but has reappeared in the Google Play store, where it may still be currently available for downloads.

The main character of the game, who wore a hooded sweatshirt, bore the same first name as Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old who was shot to death in Sanford, Florida last year and whose alleged assailant is currently being tried for his murder.

A petition demanded the removal of the game from Google Play; complaint tweets were posted on Twitter, as well. Overnight, the following message was posted to the "Angry Trayvon" Facebook page:

The people spoke out therefore this game was removed from the app stores. Sorry for the inconvenience as this was just an action game for entertainment. This was by no means a racist game. Nonetheless, it was removed as will this page and anything associated with the game will be removed.

According to the Google Play website, one version of the game had last been updated on June 1, 2013. According to Trade Digital, the game was made available to the public on Christmas Day last year.

Another version of the game that was available in the Google Play store for Android devices Tuesday morning comes from developers listed as "Trade Digital, Inc."—which is presumably the same New York company listed as "Trade Digital, LLC" on the app's Facebook page. It's unclear if the app was actually taken down from Play or not, but as of the time of this update it was still accessible—we were able to download it.

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  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    what does this have to do with Trayvon Martin? I know three Trayvons in my life...and they're all angry people.

  • Anjali Mullany

    Hello everyone -- I know this is a contentious story that for some people raises a lot of issues, but please let's try to be civil toward one another in this discussion area. Thank you.

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    i didn't know this game was fashioned after Trayvon Martin?  I know three Trayvons in my life...and they're all angry people.

  • guest

    This game was a horrible thing to make, but not anything that would constitute locking someone up or sueing them.  It was a tasteless joke, I'll agree with that, but I'd rather have the occasional asshole like this developer than give up our first amendment rights.

  • naked_dancing_llama

    ...because no one except Treyvon Martin is named "Treyvon."  You kids need to get hobbies... or a job. 

  • Netmonger

    Theres other similarities besides the name. And the *timing* is indicative of the very obvious fact that the developer is trying to cash in on the case.  If you had a daughter/son who was murdered as Treyon Martin was, you'd be horrified too.  Its not just disrespectful - its *hurtful*. This is just basic empathy here that we should all understand.   If you dont, then you shouldnt be posting on the Net or any other public forum. This application should be removed.

  • Joe Joejoe

     from the perspective of JUSTICE and FACTS, trayvon is nothing more than a bad apple that attacked a man without provocation.  tell me, would you be offended if they created a game about the boston bombers...or jack the ripper...or charles manson?  WOULD YOU? 

    the only reason why this is getting any attention is because the perpetrator is BLACK.  now THAT'S racism. 

    mark my words, if trayvon was alive right now, he'd of faced attempted murder charges -- and would have been found guilty.  the fact that he's dead doesn't make him any less guilty or any more innocent. 

    There's games out there right now, of the school shooting teenagers from years past, yet no one made a fuss..

    now think about all these names I listed....they're ALL white, yet it's ok to have games about them. 

    black skin does not equal innocence.  the blacks are right -- there is no equality in america, because all of the so called 'equality' is in the blacks favor!!!!! 

  • CommonsenseDownloaded

    Wait a sec. Did you just say "the blacks"? Yeah, you did. So, this world is about "the blacks and the whites". Wow, stay small buddy. Stay small. Is this the first FastCompany article you've ever read? No one would miss you if it were your last.

    Let me see if I get this right. A black man should expect (and accept) that walking home minding his own business...say maybe with a couple of glasses of wine in him...wearing jeans and a sweatshirt that he paid for...minding his own business...that he should be subjected to what amounts to a civilian stop and search because an unqualified "citizen activist" deemed him a suspect...while acting against the advise of the police? And that he should not be outraged? That in the range of reasonable responses to this wouldn't be the idea of knocking him out? Really?

    Oh, and a loss of life is the right penalty for not subjecting himself to this sort of indignity? Just so you know, even if your argument is that based on crime stats he should accept public suspicion and subject himself to this'd be wrong. Stats show that crimes are committed pretty much in proportion to our country's racial composition. So there are more white men committing every sort of crime you'd use to justify your suspicions and these actions. It's the criminal justice system that's disproportionately imprisoning black men. So, if you knew anything about that, you'd be stopping young white men for no reason...not black men. And yeah, I know. I've just wasted a few thousand keystrokes on an idiot.

    I don't know you...but I hope you live far away from me and my family.

  • naked_dancing_llama

     ...and because we're in the US you can have your opinion... (which in my opinion is dumb)

    I say whoever made this game is a brilliant marketer.  They know (posters like the above) with their great moral compass will rage and beat their chests and drive more attention to this crap game than it deserves. 

    The stupidity of this country never ceases to amaze me...

    Like this game being in existence has any sort of influence ON ANYTHING accept for maybe your self-righteous opinion that you hold.

    Here's the thing about the US, you have the right to do what you please unless you're denying someone's right to LIFE, LIBERTY, or the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. 

    So let me raise giant middle finger to all the butt-hurt posters who are offended by this "game".

  • kash

    So I'm assuming you were there to know that trayvon attacked him...and wtf does Boston bombing have to do with it, the bombers were killers...trayvon didn't kill anyone...and truth of the matter is the people who created the game are down right insensitive.

  • Miapename

    Finally a game I'd actually spend money on, and now it's gone. BTW - anyone with an opinion as to guilt or innocence is a complete and total MORON - UNLESS you were there...and even then, probably.

  • Lysie_06

    whoever came up with this game and thought it was ok ESPECIALLY knowing what happened to this little boy is stupid and insensitive to the family and even the trial that is ONGOING in the justice of his death!!! You should be locked up and sued as well!!! and you the exact example of America having no heart! DUMMIES!

  • Tired of Ninnies

    No... What's wrong with America is that every time someone gets their "feelings" hurt they want to sue someone... You either have freedom of speech, or you don't.

  • Rosana Zulinka Thompson Edward

    I was still able to pull out it up on google play store. Just did the search again and it is still there.

  • Kali J. Burgos

    I searched and it says, "no results found".  They should be sued for this.  It's disrespectful to the family and to Trayvon.  

  • Schniffystripeycat

    It's there. You can't google it. You have to go into playstore &then search it. As of now, it's still selling. $1.99 U.S, which just adds to the proof they ARE cashing in on blood money - how many playstore games sell for more than $0.99 ? Most are free or $0.99 & they are far better games than this. Go to playstore, search this game. Click their contact details to go to their fb page. Share their lie that they took it down. Click share, add your own comment explaining what this games about & how these bastards lied. Share with everyone on your list & ask them to report it to playstore, to fb & to share with their lists too. Send this global, sign the petition, help the family get this shit taken down

  • Anon

    Yeah fuck the first amendment! They offended someone better take away their right to free expression