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A Military Coup Is Underway In Egypt

Twitter is alive with reports and images from the streets of Egypt, as the nation's military begins a coup against the government.

The ongoing political scandal in Egypt has come to a head as the military has begun a coup against the government of Mohammed Morsi, who earlier today was refusing to step down in the face of pressure. The AP says a travel ban has already been enforced against Morsi himself and the chief and deputy chief of the Muslim brotherhood:

New York Times reporter Kareem Fahim is on the scene, and is tweeting pictures from the streets as the military moves to control the situation. Reports suggest the army is acting to quash pro-Morsi Islamist protests, and Fahim has been sharing images from the scene.

As the coup was beginning, an embattled Morsi offered to form a temporary coalition government—via his Facebook page. Here, a live video feed of the scene from Tahrir Square:

This story is developing. Check back in to find out what's been happening.

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  • spandrelmatic

    Also, you speak of "the ongoing political scandal in Egypt." I don't mean to be rude, but do you know what these words mean? Because the one thing there HASN'T been in Egypt is a "political scandal."

    Really, I normally enjoy your writing. But why are you writing about this? And why is Fast Company publishing it? It clearly is not what you do.

    I do wish you the best, and please do keep doing what you do best.

  • spandrelmatic

    Gosh, I would never know from your account that there had been millions and millions of Egyptians in the streets of Cairo demanding that Morsi resign. You make it sound like it's the army versus Morsi, period. Have you not seen the pictures?

  • mike wiles

    Bang on.  Also, the military was in charge after the last upheaval and actually allowed an election and relinquished it.  I trust them more than most political parties.