Yes, Uber Is Offering $3,000 On-Demand Helicopter Rides To The Hamptons For July 4

Who needs the Jitney when you can take your very own Uber helicopter to the beach?

The holidays are coming early for New York City's wealthiest, courtesy of Uber.

On July 3, the on-demand car service, which recently celebrated a victory against the Taxi and Limousine Commission to bring its e-hail taxi system to the city's yellow cabs, will feature an in-app option to hail an UberCHOPPER, New York magazine's Daily Intelligencer reports.

For $3,000, UberCHOPPER will shuttle you and up to four others to and from one of three heliports in the city and the East Hampton airport. (For all the penny-pinching Hamptonites, one-way Uber cars will set you back $300 for an uberX to $500 for an SUV.)

Uber has never been shy about its willingness to experiment with new modes of transportation, and though a luxury chopper service hardly evokes the picture of mainstream, Uber NYC's general manager Josh Moher tells New York magazine he will be "looking closely" at how they perform Wednesday.

But something about UberCHOPPER strikes us as more extreme publicity stunt than serious business plan. This is, after all, the same company that has offered on-demand ice cream trucks and mariachi bands—in Fast Company columnist Farhad Manjoo's words, services that "feel like what your spoiled child would do with your credit card." We'll see if this latest scheme flies or not.

[Images courtesy of Uber]

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  • Dave Sutton

    Oh, boy. The taxi industry calls Uber a rogue app because by downloading the app, you agree to hold Uber harmless for anything that happens
    on your ride. From a legal standpoint, this is outrageous behavior by a taxi

    But it is EVEN MORE outrageous from a helicopter company.

    In fact, Uber refuses to publicly discuss its insurance coverage. Imagine getting a helicopter ride from a company that won’t publicly discuss its insurance coverage.

  • Mario

    Uber is not a taxi company while it is just a way to connect private drivers to clients.