Facebook Starts Testing New Chat Rooms Feature In The Wild

Hosts will be able to kick out anyone they don't want inside the chat. Expeleamus!

Facebook is quietly testing a chat room service for its users, says TechCrunch. Called Host Chat, the multi-user feature will allow friends to join chat rooms without needing a password—reminiscent, the report says, of those old AOL chat forums of yore, and very much a competitor to Google's Hangouts.

The concept—and M.O. is super simple, it seems. Users will be able to see in their news feeds if a friend is hosting a chat about some subject or other. They can jump in merely by clicking on the Host Chat button, which is located next to the Update Status and Post Photos/Videos buttons. Hosts have the power both to limit entrance as well as expelling anyone they don't want inside the chat room.

Oh so Mean Girls.

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  • Abraham

    This move could be
    looked as a way for Facebook to engage its users more by helping them connect
    to other users who they otherwise would not have connected with. If that is the
    deal how far do you think it would be a chat room connection where in a chat room
    two unrelated people chat and then get to know each other without any knowledge
    of their history. 

    But when two people are meeting in a chat hosted in FB by one of their friends
    it would mean that they have mutual friends. Then an interaction with real
    names and a Facebook profile linked to it would mean too much information
    revealed and it would be dicey to say if two people would interact further
    after the hosted chat and become friends. 

    Facebook lacks in one area, a person can not chat and connect with another
    person who they have no connection with but might have same interests (which
    could be understood by the pages they have liked of bands, hobbies, shows etc.)

    rooms these days calls out for people to interact through rooms that may be
    country specific, interest based or simply your own city. One such app that
    facilitates this is Chatimity (www.chatimity.com) where the concept of chatting
    is kept alive but in the right sense where people interact genuinely.