FTC Investigating Google Purchase Of Waze

Yet more antitrust shenanigans for the search engine giant, after consumer groups expressed concern that the $1.3 billion acquisition of Israeli mapping firm Waze will put Google in an unassailable position in the market.

Google has confirmed that the Federal Trade Commission is looking into its recent $1.3 billion purchase of social navigation firm Waze. Consumer groups are worried the purchase of the Israeli company will give Google--already the dominant force in U.S. mapping services--an unassailable edge against the competition.

Although Google says it has no current plans to merge Waze--which is staying in Israel for the time being--with its own maps team, there is no guarantee this will remain the case. The investigation adds another layer of scrutiny to the firm, which has recently been hit with a number of antitrust and privacy broadsides from the authorities on both sides of the Atlantic.

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