NeverWet: A Coating That Makes Everything Waterproof

Here's a question for Google job seekers: if you sprayed Michael Phelps with this product, would he post faster swim times?

What is a two-part, superhydrophobic coating when it's at home? A miracle, that's what it is. It's called NeverWet. You spray a couple of layers—base and top coat, two separate products—onto the surface of whatever object you want to protect. Then, throw whatever you want at the object, laughing hysterically as it runs right off. Magic.

NeverWet protects against water, mud, salt solutions, acids, bases, and even food and drinks like red wine and chocolate syrup. The demonstration video even shows a coated iPhone taking a dunk and emerging, like Venus from the waves, only drier, although the solution is currently unsuitable for glass products as it dries frosted. Apparently a clear-glass version is in the works.

But let's talk about the brand name for a moment. NeverWet may do exactly what it says on the label, but does it not deserve a better name? What would you have called it? Answers in the comments below, please.

Hat-tip to Christopher MacManus for unearthing this gem.

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  • Caner Veli

    I have an improved formulation of this product here in the UK which only requires one coat and dries completely invisible unlike NeverWet which dries with a pale white layer. If anyone wants more information or to test it out. Feel free to find me on LinkedIn etc

  • Barbara Moser

    I heard the US Olympic Committee is looking into this product for the new swimsuits. Hmmmm! :)

  • bobby

    Cool... but what is the environmental impact of this product? What happens when we have literal tons of waste in landfills that can't get wet and rot?

  • Caner Veli

    The formulations are completely environmentally friendly and are completely safe. My formulation is safe enough to drink...

  • Bon Vin

    one incredible application not mentioned: graffiti repellent

    maybe even the idea for a brand

  • Caner Veli

    One of my formulations is Anti Graffiti. We also have anti-microbial for hospitals. It is possible!

  • Loganjvickery

    Neverwet is great I think.

    "Doctor Dry"

    This + plus Zappos return policy = awesome

  • Fletch

    how about , "piss-off, mate!", then when you to remove the substance "piss-on"

  • Marc

    hmmm... How about "ProFect" (protect + perfect). Don't just protect it, ProFect it!

  • Allison Graham

    Given a very unfortunate incident with phone and a toilet yesterday at the airport, I don't care what this is called, just want some! Although echo the other questions raised below. How long does it last and what about washing it from other substances? Also, how does it feel? Sticky?

  • LPA

    Pretty awesome. But what about when you want to actually wash your clothes? (They'll get dirty from non-wet substances/dirt/sweat/etc.)  I see major profits in the dry cleaning industry.