Goggles Block Facial Recognition Algorithms

Worried about privacy in the age of wearable tech such as Google Glass? Using near-infrared LED lights, these goggles can help preserve your privacy, or so the makers claim.

Facial recognition-prevention goggles have arrived.

Don a pair of these near-infrared LED-studded goggles and any facial-recognition algorithms that work on infrared cameras will be blocked by the lights, says its inventor. But the lights will be invisible to the human eye.

The idea comes from Japan's National Institute of Informatics, which says it's currently working on a version that uses reflective materials so that every sort of imaging sensor is covered, not just infrared cameras.

[Images via Diginfo.tv]

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  • Smed

    I saw something similar to this but it was a baseball cap with the infrared LEDs on the bill.  Not sure if Big Brother actually cares about me that much, but its interesting.



  • Bant Simason

    Cool, you only have to look like a moron so you wont get "recognized" by facial recognition cameras

  • Just Another Guy

    There is a concern about using Infrared LEDs...one frequency will burn the retina while another will burn the cornea.

    Otherwise, I agree...EAT Infrared, Suckers!!

  • bruceapilot

    I'm looking for my Groucho-goggles... you remember,,,  the gag ones with the moustasche and big nose. (Plastic cigar optional.) "Why, if you looked like me, I'd be in luv with you!"

  • Sarah Peters

    These will become illegal soon. The NWO wants to know where and what you are doing at all times. Thought crimes coming soon as well.. mark my words.

  • Paulmartell

    They block facial recognition cameras and look great!  There is no downside to these babies!

  • big C

    Dave,  you're wasting your breath on these folks. They are missing your whole point. Anyone walking into a private business wearing any type of identity cover up is probably up to no good and warrants your close observation at least. I agree with your assessment but unfortunately most folks are to wrapped up in the current b.s. against guns. You know, the latest trend. 

    What we need in is a good old fashion dose of common sense and courtesy and and understanding that we are all Americans and so are entitled to our own thoughts without impinging on anyone else's rights. 

    My Grandfather always told me that people were a lot more friendly and polite when everyone carried guns. 

    Enjoy your right to bear arms....hopefully we can hold onto it.

  • SWDC

    Ever heard "Don't believe the hype"?

    Well, facial recognition technology is not so mature to 100% id anyone...only in the movies... only in the movies.

    Save your money and perhaps some common sense.

    Here read the kisserswwii Time mag story where, yup you guessed it, the facial recognition scientist himself attempts to positively 100% id the famous kissers from wwii..you know, the nurse and sailor. He only can conclude maybe it is who he thinks it is and again it is only maybe. 

  • 24601

    These plus my anti-drone hood and I'll be one of the best-dressed pedestrians in my town!  

  • Azrael

    They won't work, the technology has been tested against ever more complicated disguises than that.

  • Thomasjefferson

    Hey freelance. You are the biggest kook out there America is in big trouble, and if your that stupid that you don't know it. Then just keep doing what your doing now, I will never want my face scanned by some government computer, I'm a electrical contractor and surfer, normal person, I would rather be left alone, if they can scan us, then we should be able todo the same to them, remember there. Not God. It's all about control, so drink your fluoridated water. And get your flu vaccines that will eventually give you cancer,, I have never know a government that actually cared about the people, only taking the little bit of money we work for while they sit on their fat asss. And act like God

  • pammylou

    LOL you are a whacko and need to get some Obamacare mental health treatments.Stop talking like a terrorist or you are going to get locked up and tube fed like the Gitmo prisoners have been testing out for loonies that talk like you! PS Thomas Jefferson? Nuts used to think they were Napoleon! Now they think they are Thomas Jefferson ! LOL are you wearing a powder wig ans a three corner hat while you are surfing and "being normal"?LOLOLOLOL
    I could just imagine what is on the other end of your posting! Woooo hoo get the men with the nets,and prepare the rubber room! We have a  hot one here!

  • Jameson Kampo

    Calm down Pammy...
    Is it in your best interest for the government to track where you are, when you are in a certain location, and perhaps track your purchases via timestamps when you use your credit and or debit card? It's an invasion of privacy, and when a private citizen can use countermeasures, why wouldn't they?

     Especially a law abiding citizen. Don't give me the "If they are law abiding then they have nothing to fear" rebuke. Data aggregation on citizens, is still an invasion of privacy. 

    I'm no tin-foil hat type, but honestly, do you really place that much trust in your government that they won't make a mistake? What if you were unjustly arrested because someone used your credit card to make large purchases of fertilizer? All because someone stole your credit card, and that credit card had your address linked to it...