Looking To Hire Top Talent? There's A Video App For That

HR catches up to video everywhere with Sonru's app.

Put your makeup on and comb your hair, job seekers: your next job hunt will probably include a video interview as well as a resume.

The search for talent on the part of the enterprise has taken on global proportions. Companies search for employees all over the world, and are willing to allow them to live in the city or country of their choices.

That, in part, explains the rapid rise of video interviewing for candidates in the early stages of the interview process. According to Aberdeen, while only 10% of companies used video as part of the hiring process in 2010, that number jumped to 42% for senior executives, management and entry level job functions in 2011. The video interview doesn't replace the face-to-face meeting, but it does screen easily, saving time and travel expense.

A friend of mine works for the Irish video interviewing platform Sonru, and the other night at dinner he blew me away by showing me an iPhone app where all appropriate hiring managers for a company can watch the interviews relevant to them. Dead simple. Can be viewed at home, at the desk, on the road.

Aberdeen’s Talent Acquisition research indicates that 54% of organizations that are adopting video have a continuous or long-term talent acquisition strategy in place compared to 18% of organizations that don't leverage video.

Key message for the enterprise: If you want the best talent, use video interviewing to cut costs and shorten the process.

Key message for the candidate: Get ready to be on camera, and start thinking about how you appear, including body language, facial expressions, and facial "jewelry."

The most important trend in the industry is asynchronous video interviewing, in which the candidate is provided a series of questions she can answer by logging into a secure video site at a convenient time. The video can then be seen, also at a convenient time, by anyone in the organization involved in the hiring process.

The digital recruitment research firm Metashift, whose 2013 video recruiting guide contains the most up-to-date numbers says:

"Those companies we spoke to that are using video as a screening tool are finding that it is bringing better quality candidates through to the face to face interview stage and improving hiring ratios. The platform allows the recruiter to gain a much better insight into skills and personality whilst sharing it with colleagues for a more collaborative approach."

We often laugh at HR's slowness to embrace technology, but this is an amazing leap forward, just in time to save the enterprise from itself. Millennial interviewees will love this, and hiring managers will enjoy its convenience.

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  • Spark Hire

    Nice article. It's incredible to see the growth of video interviews up to this point. The very nature of video interviews allows for greater convenience and flexibility for recruiters. Now, considering mobile devices will soon outnumber humans this year, it makes perfect sense to bring video interviews to the mobile front so recruiters can video interview on the go and job seekers can truly conduct video interviews whenever, wherever. http://www.sparkhire.com

  • Dick Recruiter

    This presumes that, magically, recruiters will not be biased in favor of the more attractive candidates. We've known for years that recruiters are intellectually and professionally incapable of interpreting a standard resume, and instead rely on entirely subjective and entirely uninformed personal impressions of how readily the candidate will pucker up. Now there's a video toy, which will require much patience and extra work from IT techs configuring video on recruiters' workstations, thereby further time-sucking away from the primary responsibility of screening and hiring the best candidates.

  • David Singh

    Video interviewing is definitely here to stay. At Kira Talent, we've seen our clients not only adopt video interview screening, but let it change they way they hire completely. The no scheduling, on-demand interviews synced with a mobile app suite has allowed clients to reduce their recruiting efforts by up to 75%. The savings pale in comparison to the confidence employers have earlier in the recruiting process. No longer do you spend expensive in-person time with the wrong candidates. We'd love to give you a demo to show you how. Come check us out: www.kiratalent.com 

  • Naomi Garnice

    Very cool, makes sense as a next step. Would love to see LimkedIn do something similar.