Mac Pro

The new Mac Pro. Tall, sleek, round and mysterious.

The Mac Pro bin

Tall, sleek, black... and bringing a whole new cylindrical meaning to "emptying the trash." It's Simplehuman's 4.5-liter trash bin.

The Mac Pro Filter

This device is all about the clever circulation of air. Meet the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Ionizer IG-CC15.

Mac Pro Droid

Multifunctional, with great expansion port options... this is the Apple R2-Q5 utility droid. We mean the Star Wars mech robot-turned novelty USB hub.

Mac Pro Beer

Aluminum-packaged and apt to unshackle your imagination... meet the Apple premium liquor. Or perhaps it's just King Cobra beer.

Apple Mac Pro vacuum

Tall, innovative, and capable of swirling air through clever filters. This is not an Apple product. It's Dyson's DC33 Animal upright cleaner.

Mac Pro speaker

Tall, dark, and with great sound... this isn't the Mac Pro, it's the Nokia/JBL PlayUp Bluetooth speaker. And yes, it looks like any one of a hundred similar-looking subwoofers.

Mac Pro Nightstand

Conveniently tall and with plentiful storage space. Wireless too! This is your next Apple nightstand. Sorry, we mean the Classic 26-inch oval Bellacor nightstand.

Mac Pro Hat

Full of brains and shiny to boot! This marvelous Apple headgear is ... well, it's actually a classic melusine top hat, of course. Perfect for turning heads at the coffee shop.

Mac Pro TP

Mysterious and guaranteed to surprise visitors with its dark looks... This is not a computer. Repeat. This is Renova's weird but neat black toilet paper.

Mac Pro Deodorant

Drakkar Noir Deo. Little known fact: Guy Laroche got his start at Apple. Plus: That's not true.

Darth Mac

Pwwchhhh--tcchhfff (repeat). Your Mac Pro probably won't make this noise through its breathing vents, but a certain Star Wars villain just can't avoid the sound effect. (Thanks @Sandman_gr!)

Pro Film

Remember these? Your young kids probably won't ever see one of these, but the humble light-proof film canister certainly has that Jony Ive form-meets-function feel. (Thanks @elainamilici)

12 Things That The New Mac Pro Inescapably Reminds Us Of

Apple's 10-inch-tall black tube of innovation, Mac Pro, may well be revolutionary, but its design also rings more than a few bells...

Apple just revealed a sneak peak of its 9.9-inch-tall, 6.6-inch-across precision-engineered air purifier, subwoofer, darnit: Mac Pro.

The recipe for the futuristic Pro seems to be this: Take one part HAL 9000, one part jet turbine, and dissolve in three parts of "the rest of the PC industry just doesn't care about desktop design." Mix gently. Serve in a chilled aluminum tumbler with a single slice of lemon for zest (dyed black with squid ink, of course, else the color scheme is shot).

It's surprising, it's weird, it's clever, odd, and it's downright froody. It also reminds us of more than a handful of real and imagined products that just so happen to be tall and moodily black.

The Pro may well sell like gangbusters, given how long it's been since Apple updated its top-line Mac. And let's not be too tough on Apple here because it really did pull the rabbit out of the hat with this news at WWDC. The new Pro even borrows more than a few design elements, although not the shape, from the flawed but much-beloved Power Mac G4 Cube of old (which, let's not forget, was another Jony Ive innovation). Some may even call it beautiful.

Do you like or loathe the new Mac Pro for its cheeky shape and norm-shunning looks?

What does the Pro look like to you? Fire away in the comments:

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