US V. UK: Who Will Best Capitalize On This Summer's Celebrity Baby Boon?

Kate Middleton: British, pregnant. Kim Kardashian: American, pregnant. Both are due in July--dual boons to their homeland's gossip industries. In the battle of the belly bulge, which nation is best equipped to capitalize?

Round 1: Printed Prattle!

America's top weekly rag, People, has a greater circulation (3.6 million) than the top five British magazines combined (1.9 million). Even when you factor in Britain's rabid daily tabloid circulation, it's still no contest.
Winner: America

Round 2: Web Whispers!

Britain's Daily Mail website is a world-wide powerhouse, attracting more than 112 million monthly unique visitors. That's more than double the top five American gossip sites combined (at 44 million).
Winner: Britain

Round 3: Televised Tattling!

America's top five gab shows draw 10.2 million combined viewers per night (led by Entertainment Tonight, with 3.6 million). There's only one comparable TV show in the U.K.--and it's ET, syndicated from over here.
Winner: America

Verdict: Kim's baby is bank!

Illustration By Nazario Graziano; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images (Kardashian Source Photo); Indigo/Getty Images (Middleton Source Photo); Istockphoto (Boot, Shoe); Dee Cercone/Everett Collection (Kardashian)

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