Tawheed Kader: How do you handle mistakes?

TAWHEED KADER: Mistakes aren't a bad thing. Mistakes are probably a good thing because if you don't make any mistakes you're not pushing hard enough. But when you do make mistakes, that means that you're pushing hard enough, you're encountering things that you don't probably know the answer to, and the biggest thing to do when you encounter mistakes is to stop and figure out what went wrong and how to not make it happen again and to actually to see what you learned from that mistake. That's what I try to learn from each mistake that we make as a company, and I think that sometimes it can be a little maniacal but I think even the smallest and littlest mistakes can give you a tremendous amount of insight about what's wrong with your company or what you're doing wrong or how you're thinking about things wrong. Mistakes are great. It forces organizations and people to actually get better.

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