How Emails Can Feel Like Shopping
Daily deals. Newsletters. Sales. Promo codes. Fire sales. They creep up on you, slowly, until all of a sudden, you're deep in "graymail"--email that feels spammy, but isn't quite spam because you opted-in to receive them. (Chalk it up to FOMO.) But don't fear the creeper: Here, we've rounded up five tools to tackle your inbox so sorting through sales feels more like a pleasant shopping trip, and less like you're swimming in an endless sea of junk.
With your permission, Sift crawls your inbox, plucks out relevant information from your shopping emails, and lets you browse them into an easy-to-navigate iPad app. Sift also offers an optional feature that will move the original emails into a separate folder in your account, making it easier to manage and delete batches of them at once. But it won't get rid of emails for you. Don't want to hand over your email account info? CEO Saurin Shah thinks Sift can still be useful for you, too, by helping you discover new stores and deals based on what your Facebook friends are checking out. You can also complete transactions without leaving the app. If you spot a Zappos sale you're interested in browsing, Sift will open up the Zappos site within the app, and takes a cut if you make an in-app purchase.
Similar to Sift, Shopilly provides a visual dashboard that jazzes up the deals emails clogging up your inbox, provided that you allow it to access your account. But Shopilly has a couple of other tricks up its sleeves. A address lets you import merchant emails and newsletters from your default inbox to your Shopilly account. Then, if you'd like, Shopilly can delete the original messages from your emails. Other perks include the ability to track purchases you've made and items you've "liked."
AOL's reimagination of email makes use of what it calls "stacks," which visually organize your inbox. With Alto, you can organize daily deal and newsletter-type emails into their own stacks, keeping them separate from your important messages. It also built in a "skip the inbox" feature that sends these kinds of emails directly to their respective stacks, leaving your inbox clutter free.
Like Shopilly, Azigo lets you create an email address designated for shopping emails forwarded from your normal inbox, then displays those emails in a visually appealing, Pinterest-y stream.
Hipiti doesn't actually attempt to radically change the way you approach your email. Rather, it tries to bring marketing emails out of the inbox entirely. Hipiti populates its dashboard service with information on sales and deals from popular retailers, so you don't have to sign up for yet another email newsletter you're not going to open. You can specify which of Hipiti's brands you want to follow, as well as filter which kinds of deals you'd like to see. If you liked this article, sign up for the spam-free Fast Company daily newsletter.

5 Tools That Make Sifting Through Daily Deals And Newsletter Emails Feel More Like Shopping

Tired of letting piles of unread shopping emails clog up your inbox? These tools help you sift through the emails you sort of want, but also sort of hate.

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