The Leadership Lab opens with 5,000 live coffee plants and information about coffee farming.
Most Starbucks's employees only handle coffee after it's been picked, packaged, and roasted. This display shows the live plants that grow at different elevations.
Coffee beans need to dry after they're picked. In order to prevent mildew, farmers rake them constantly for three to eight days. Starbucks's employees get the five-minute version of the experience.
A sign above a bucket of markers encourages employees to write down their their frustrations on this wall. Many also spend time reading each other's graffiti.
After writing down the ways their stores give back to the community, employees attach their Post-it notes to a giant map.
A sign asks employees to think creatively about how to sell food with drinks.
A display encourages empathy by putting snippets of imagined perspective from customers and employees next to worn shoes.
Other captions above shoes include: "I'm so tired! My baby fussed all night and all I want is some coffee to make through the morning..." and "Man, I'll admit--sometimes I'm not as friendly during peak. But seriously, who is? When we're busy, we're busy. I'm just tryin' to get people out the door..isn't that what they really want?"
A Tazo Tea exhibit allows employees to see and smell different types of tea.
Employees often stop to take photos of signs like this one.
An employee journals while listening to a roasting demonstration.
At the end of the experience, employees write down what they plan to take from the experience back to their teams. They can schedule an email to remind them of their goals in the future, and the most common words in all of the responses are added to a dynamic word cloud.
In addition to the electronic commitments, employees have another opportunity to graffiti at the end of the Lab.
One commitment from the "What Will I Share With My Team?" wall.
Another comment from the "What Will I Share With My Team?" wall.
The Lab ends with a spot to reflect below the Starbucks motto.

Inside Starbucks's 400,000-Square-Foot Employee Indoctrination Center–-Slideshow

Inside Starbucks's 400,000-Square-Foot Employee Indoctrination Center — The Slideshow

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