The Ice Under The Water
Take a look at why presumably novel businesses are garnering huge investments. While many of these are about nifty tech or fun services on the surface, they're actually attempts to monetize discovery.
The Tech's The Least Interesting Part Of Nokia's New Augmented Reality
Do you know what augmented reality apps are really good at? Directing you to new things they don't directly point at. It's a whole new world of discovery.

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iPhone-Addicted Lego Lover Seeks Same For Fun, Romance, Brand Worship
If marketers have their way, that's how the personal ads of the near future will read.

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The 350-Year-Old British Post Office Is Leading The Mobile Payments Charge
You listening, USPS? And they aren't the only British organization going mad for mobile.

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Confessions Of A Brand Man
What bottles of rare, 170-year-old champagne, rescued from a shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, tell us about the power of a brand's story. And what we are willing to believe about why we want what we want.

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International Buying Machines?
Nah, But IBM Is Developing An Augmented Reality Shopping App

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How Your Credit Card Is Becoming A Data, Discounts Doorway
The fast rate of credit card innovation continues apace. Is this only about money? Or is it also about the discovery of new things and ideas?

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Your Voice Is Your Passport
Captain Picard asked many things of the voice-controlled computer aboard his starship Enterprise--including "Tea, Earl Grey. Hot." Though your smartphone is unlikely to spit out a hot beverage, there is suddenly an urgent rush to add similar sort of voice-querying power to next-generation devices. But it's not all about the ease of control, or even hot refreshments. It's all about the future of search, which is to say--discovery of new things for you, the end user.

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Why Sharing Your Identity Is A Good Thing
One of the worries about near field communication-enabled tech is that private data could be remotely snooped and used for evil. But the truth is that we may be volunteering info by NFC soon enough. And in the process, we'll find things we never knew we wanted.

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Snapette Shows You The Future Way To Shop
Think about how you shop for, say, new shoes.

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When Digital App Play Leads To Real-Life Finds
Your smartphone may be a paragon of digital wonder, and if you fire up a navigation app it can even take you places in the real world. But it's poised to become a much cleverer and more rewarding way to introduce you to new (real) things.

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Uncovering The Discovery Economy

Explore the host of new apps, products, and services built on a big, valuable idea: discovery.

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