Why Pivot?
Failure is a lesson. Success is the pivot. Meet the founders who've mastered the art of the business do-over--from Steve Jobs and Reid Hoffman to Fab.com's Bradford Shellhammer and Jason Goldberg and Justin.tv's Justin Kan.

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Enter The Pivot: The Critical Course Corrections Of Flickr, Fab.com, And More
Fast Company recently devoted a series to today's most successful startups and founders who prove that a strong idea can live through false starts.

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How Eric Ries Coined "The Pivot" And What Your Business Can Learn From It
It's only appropriate that Eric Ries is the subject of the first video for Fast Company's new series: The Pivot. He's the author of a best-selling book, The Lean Startup, and the man who made the term "pivot" part of the business vernacular.

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Media6Degrees Knows What You Want To Buy Even Before You Do
Here's how a data-driven ad marketing firm run by math geeks blew off social networks and rediscovered the web.

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The Steve Jobs Pivot
After Steve Jobs was exiled from Apple, he learned a valuable lesson. He learned how to pivot.

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After Prescient Pivot, Aviary Tools Now Seeing 10 Million Photos A Month
"I probably could've done it in the course of a day if I was a better CEO, but when you have a loyal user base and investors that have invested in your product, you [can get] scared [to pivot]," Avi Muchnick says. "We took things slower than we probably should have. If we're growing like crazy now, where would we have been if we started a year earlier?"

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An Insider's History Of How A Podcasting Startup Pivoted To Become Twitter
Long before it was credited with changing world politics, Twitter was the side project at a podcasting company that was about to lose its customers to Apple.

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Fab.com: Ready, Set, Reset!
How Fab.com pivoted from a failed social network for gays to a retailing powerhouse valued at $200 million in less than 6 months.

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The Many Pivots Of Justin.tv: How A Livecam Show Became Home To Video Gaming Superstars
Five years, four complete shifts in business plan: Entrepreneur Justin Kan will try anything to make his business work. And that's just the way they like it in the tech world.

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Hipmunk Took The Agony Out Of Flying Then Pivoted To Hotel Booking
A pivot doesn't have to be a change in business model. That's the case with Hipmunk, a flight search aggregator that turned to hotel listings when the airlines began cutting commissions.

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How Flickr Made It To The Next Level
Flickr was once a text and photo service for gamers. Now pictures of psyched geeks is only the tip of the iceberg of what you'll find on the photo sharing service.

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How To Pivot Faster Than Your Competition
Here are three steps to respond more quickly, and pivot faster, than your competition. If you follow them, you'll be well on your way to beating your competition at every turn.

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Love Is Covering A Shift For A Hungover Buddy: The BetterShift Pivot
All you need is love? Bah, the Beatles were full of it. You need to monetize that love. Jokes about prostitution aside, that's the lesson serial entrepreneur Chris Lyman learned the hard way.

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Laurel Touby's Mediabistro Mediapivot
How a freelance writer turned organizing parties into a business she went on to sell for $23 million.

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Gojee's Mike Lavalle On The Key Insight That Turned The Site Into Foodie Paradise
Despite its name Mint.com has nothing to do with food, but the site's charts-and-graphs approach to finance did inspire recipe recommendation engine Gojee. But not before it went through a couple of pivots.

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Mahalo.com: Pivot or Die
Serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis was on the cusp of big success until Google took it away. So he boldly changed course.

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Bill Nguyen Announces Color's Partnership With Verizon
The video-sharing firm improves its service by adding audio. Will it be enough to bring it back from the dead?

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James Hong's Pivot From Rating To Dating: The HotOrNot Story
A superficial site about rating hotties went viral and became a paid dating service worth millions. Here's how Hong transformed HotOrNot.

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How Chegg Found A Textbook Rental Goldmine In A College Classifieds Haystack
Chegg rents a million textbooks a year and employs 150 people. But it was originally Cheggpost.com, a service providing free classified ads to college students. Choosing among categories like computers, electronics, furniture, housing, and textbooks, students posted ads for everything from bicycles to free kung fu lessons to want ads for a "hamster sitter." But it was the buying and selling of textbooks that was the most popular feature of the site. Profitability was hampered by the seasonality of college life, however, with traffic heaviest at the beginnings and ends of semesters.

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Reid Hoffman On PayPal's Pivoted Path To Success
Reid Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn, explains the five pivots of PayPal.

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How Trip Adler Found His Idea For Scribd After Hanging Up On 1-800-ASKTRIP
Before Scribd became a multi-million-document storehouse, Trip Adler was a Harvard grad casting about for a business idea--here's how he found it.

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Wayfair: Your Online Mega-Pivot Megastore
Usually startups pivot, not online retailers pulling in $500 million in revenue. But that’s what Wayfair, the Amazon of home goods and furniture, did.

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Pop Goes The Pivot
What do The Beastie Boys, Katy Perry, and PayPal have in common? They all pivoted.

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The Fast Company Guide To The Pivot

Failure is a lesson. Success is the pivot. Meet the founders who've mastered the art of the business do-over—from Steve Jobs and Reid Hoffman to Fab.com's Bradford Shellhammer and Jason Goldberg and Justin.tv's Justin Kan...

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