Fast Talk: Destroy Old Business Models
Too often, stories about startups echo the same song and dance that founders put on for their would-be VC backers. Fast Talk puts big ideas through the ringer and digs deeper into the minds of disruptive entrepreneurs through a series of disruptive interviews. Here are some of the best, most recent installments.
Surf And Destroy (Old Business Models)
What do a countertop company and a surfboard company have in common? Both are run by Ken Trinder, whose novel anti-microbial countertop may soon be seen in hospitals.

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How Microsoft's Kinect Could Replace Your Tailor (No Pins Required)
Raj Sareen's startup, Styku, was selected as a member of Microsoft's Kinect Accelerator. He wants your game console to help make your clothes fit better--even if "no two boobs are alike."

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How The iPhone-Android War Keeps Your Phone Virus Free
Albert-László Barabási is one of the world's top experts in network theory. Here's his take on mobile phone viruses and how a changing smartphone ecosystem could spell doom.

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A TV Platform So Disruptive Everyone's Suing It
We chat with Chet Kanojia of Aereo, the new TV-where-and-when-you-want-it service that has a few legal troubles. Could Aereo finally disrupt the loathed cable bundle--and TV altogether?

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"I Either Get Headhunted Or Fired": How A Real Mad Man Creates Work That People Line Up To See
A chat with Kash Sree, the most restless creative director in advertising.

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Trunk Club Would Like You To Dress Better, Increase Your "Style Aptitude," Have More Sex
The Bonobos cofounder Brian Spaly has a new business that will manage your wardrobe for you. And he's serious about that sex thing, too.

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Predicting Summer Box Office Hits With Social Media And People, Algorithms Be Damned
Could Twitter have foreseen the tsunami that was the Avengers opening weekend? Fizziology uses social media to make predictions about box office success--and is doing as well or better as traditional industry predictions.

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Let Them Tweet Cake
Allison Robicelli makes some of the best cupcakes in New York. Can she and her husband also redefine the mom-and-pop for the Twitter age? “My storefront is your phone,” she says."

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Free Stuff! Finally, A Deals Site That Doesn't Suck
More business-friendly than Groupon, and more respectful of user data than Facebook, Merchant Exchange is a one-stop shop for rewards programs. It'll save you money without creeping you out.

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Good Eats: Meals With A Mission Makes Charity Intimate, Tasty
Gala dinners are too big. How about a smaller donation pool over a home-cooked meal?

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14 Amazing Questions For BuzzFeed's Ben Smith
Does long-form journalism have an audience even at BuzzFeed, the place where 33 animals are extremely disappointed in you? The site's editor, Ben Smith, has found that it does. Now, how about that BuzzFeed book?

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Fast Talk: Innovation In Interviews

Fast Talk puts big ideas through the ringer and digs deeper into the minds of disruptive entrepreneurs through a series of disruptive interviews. Here's the latest highlight reel with Buzzfeed's Ben Smith, the founders of Styku, Aereo, and Merchange Exchange, and more.

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