Welcome Sign
Welcome to ROFLcon 3, where the Internet meets the world IRL.
MIT Board Discussing Future Memes
After his keynote, Jonathan Zittrain looks at the next great Internet meme.
Black Metal
Vegan Black Metal Chef combines vegan cooking, original black metal music, and custom costumery on his YouTube cooking show. His goal was to teach people about vegan cooking, and any other way just seemed too boring. At a ROFL panel on Day 2, he showed off his cooking chops live.
Did You Call For SOPA?
At the very last ROFLcon panel, Defending The Internet, Yale's Elizabeth Stark asked how many audience members had called their local senator about the proposed SOPA/PIPA bills. This photo captures a re-enactment of that same show of hands: the panel wanted a photograph of the audience, as evidence of how strongly Net-izens felt about SOPA. Ben Huh (of Cheezburger fame) got the full shot.
Spotted this signboard en route to ROFLcon. Even without ROFLers about, Cambridge enjoys its lulz.
Double Rainbow Lawn
Double Rainbow Man made the trek from Yosemite to join us at ROFLcon.
Mount ROFLmore
The mighty meme wall let its hair down at the Friday night ROFLcon party.
Nyan Welcome
Nyan Cat was plastered along one of MIT's loopy corridors.
The Guide
What better way to organize a conference program than a Choose Your Own Adventure book? The pages were packed with lulz, but in a parting "Surprise Ending" tucked into the program's final pages, ROLFcon founders announced they'd be taking a break for a while. "It's been an amazing run--more stupendously successful than we ever could have possibly imagined--but for now we're putting this trilogy to bed and riding out into the sunset. "
ROFLCON Graffiti
When Keyboard Cat Man hits the canvas, it's all over. This ROFLcon mural took him about 30 minutes to spray into place.
Keyboard Cat Doll
Keyboard Cat Man brought along his Keyboard Cat in a box.
Indecision 2012
When in doubt: Keyboard Cat for president.
Scumbag Steve
Your reporter snagged a celebrity shot with Scumbag Steve (aka Blake Boston), his pal Naked Dave, and Ojai Valley Taxidermy's Chuck Testa.
Fanny Pack
During ROFLcon downtime, one of the volunteers trying to set a fanny pack stacking record. He got up to 9.

ROFLCon III In Pictures

Here's what it looks like when Internet memes—and the people behind them—get real.

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