Steve Jobs, Ashton Kutcher
Two and a Half Men (Men II Plus?) star Ashton Kutcher has been cast to play a young Steve Jobs in the first of two upcoming biopics about the late, former Apple leader. The film, directed by Joshua Michael Stern and set to shoot in May, is reportedly called Jobs and will focus on the pre-Apple turnaround part of the story. While it remains to be seen if Kutcher can capture Jobs's more cerebral qualities, it is never too soon to cast the rest of the flick. Who should play Woz, Laurene Powell Jobs, Jon Ive, and other important important figures from Jobs's life? Take a peek at this Fast Company screen test to find out. Images via The Verge
Kevin Smith is Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak: Larger-than-life, busy, intelligent, a bit of an oddball, perhaps an unlikely figure for international fame and fortune. With a predilection for Segway riding...

Given his formidable ... persona, there's just one person who could play him: The larger-than-life, busy, intelligent, oddball, unlikely and jolly Kevin Smith. And Smith is a champion of indie filmmaking--double bonus!

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Bill Pullman is John Sculley
John Sculley was vice-president, and then president of Pepsi Co. from 1977 until 1983. An admirable role in a global company that must've been rewarding fiscally and otherwise. But one day a young Steve Jobs said to him "Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?"

Cue a couple of very high profile moves in the executive team at Apple, and Sculley was suddenly CEO of a very upstart computer firm that was challenging the staid, giant incumbent king of PCs with its quirky Macintosh. Sculley remained CEO for 10 years, being named top-paid Silicon Valley executive in 1987 with a salary of $2.2 million.

But he fought with Jobs, and ultimately booted Jobs from the firm he founded.

Ultimately, approaching Apple's tech with a traditional business sales model failed. Apple's margins sank, sales petered out, the stock slid. In 1993 he was ousted.

Who better to play the calm, traditional, perhaps slightly wicked in terms of business ethics than the odd, serious, calm Bill Pullman?

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George Clooney is Bob Iger
Once instrumental in persuading ABC to support David Lynch's Twin Peaks, then president of ABC--Bob Iger is now Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company.

Iger's also now on Apple's board, partly because of his business skills but also because he's credited with turning Disney around--part of which hinged on bringing Steve Jobs' Pixar digital animation company aboard.

A smart-cookie businessman, difficult, not afraid of rocking the boat and unquestionably interesting ... perfect alignment with George Clooney, we think.

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Elizabeth Mitchell is Laurene Powell Jobs
Laurene Powell Jobs is cofounder and president of the Board of College Track and in 2010 was appointed by President Obama as Member of the White House Council for Community Solutions. She's also Steve Jobs's widow and mother to their three kids, Reed, Erin, and Eve.

Evidently a powerful woman, able to match or best the moody, notorious Jobs, we think Laurene would need to be played by someone fascinating and complex ... and that's why Elizabeth Mitchell comes to mind. Remember Dr. Burke in Lost? FBI agent Erica Evans on V?

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Jim Belushi is Phil Schiller
Phil Schiller is a truly great salesman. Apple's sales figures prove it. His Wikipedia page notes he was "instrumental" in marketing the iMac, the iBook, the PowerBook G4, the iPod, and Mac OS X among other key products.

Close to Jobs, Schiller's career at Apple has spanned 17 years, and Schiller presented alongside Jobs at many Apple events.

He's also slightly famous for the occasional verbal slipup, and he's a very different character to his former boss.

Perfectly matched to his ... weighty presence, we can't help but imagine Jim Belushi in this role. But first, cast all thoughts of K-9 out of your mind.

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Simon Pegg is Jon Ive
Serious and gently spoken, British and suddenly achieving great success in the U.S. This is Jon Ive, a man responsible for the key design decisions that've typified Apple's products since the first iMac and set the stage for all of Apple's peers.

Now picture Simon Pegg. No, not the Pegg you know and love from Shaun of the Dead. But pause him in the middle of one of his jokes, when his trademark dry humor is in full flow. Add a slight smile, and skip the punchline. That's Jon Ive, right there.

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Hugh Laurie is Tim Cook
Possessing great gravity and a winning smile, and confident with power. We're talking about Tim Cook, not Hugh Laurie. But you get the point.

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Casting The Apple Movie

Ashton Kutcher's reportedly been picked to play Steve Jobs. Now, who should play Woz, Laurene Powell Jobs, Jon Ive, and other important important figures from the Apple founder's life? Here are our picks.

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