A September summit of 100 execs in San Francisco sparked silliness . . .
...and seriousness, as the company’s top managers strategized for the future.
Rising talent like Lawrence Yu, who was educated in the U.S. and worked in Brazil, is key to the plan.
An Iron Chef–style cook-off turned rowdy and competitive.
Arimasa Naitoh, center, the ThinkPad’s original designer, celebrates his team’s win.
Six years ago, Lenovo was nearly all Chinese. Its leaders now hail from 14 nations.
At a 49ers game, the execs from China got an in-the-stands cultural experience.
Yolanda Conyers, right, Lenovo’s VP of diversity, moved her family from Texas to Beijing.
The event ended on an East-West note: a block party in Chinatown.