Meet The Change Generation
The under-30-year-old founders of these startups are as hungry for success as they are to make the world a better place.
Christy Liu, cofounder of the travel site Wanderfly
"We help people figure out where they can go and what they can do based on their budgets."

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Energy In Common
Hugh Whalan, cofounder of Energy In Common.
His organization raises money to supply simple forms of energy--lighting, heat--to the billions of people on the planet who can't take energy use for granted because they don't have access to any.

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Brothers Mike and Dave Radparvar founded the lifestyle goods shopping site Holstee.
Holstee attracts buyers of their 100% recycled shirts, wallets, and backpacks using a viral mission statement.

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SoundCloud started in a cafe on a couple of laptops.
A few years later, 29-year-old Alex Ljung and his cofounder, Eric Wahlforss, are squeezing 50 employees into an office to oversee a sound-sharing platform used in over a hundred mobile apps.

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Jason Ross, the founder of JackThreads. "Where guys can find exceptional value on top tier Men's fashion."

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She's The First
25-year-old Tammy Tibbetts, founder of She's The First.
Tibbetts' nonprofit is dedicated to helping girls around the world to become the first in their family to graduate.

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Fabian Stelzer Uses Neuroscience To Make Your Website Stickier.
EyeQuant, the company Stelzer cofounded, let's you upload any web page and get an instant read on where a visitor's eyeballs are likely to land.

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Music Unites
Michelle Edgar, founder of the nonprofit Music Unites. She created a charity that gets kids off the streets and into a studio to record original songs.

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26-year-old Phil Pinnell, cofounder of Scratch, a line of complete meals with fresh ingredients that can be cooked in a flash.

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