Goal One
This past January, WWFUS CEO Carter Roberts went to Nepal to bring a rehabilitated tiger back into the wild. The pictures from the journey are ahead, but Roberts's story is here. Goal One: Translocate rehabilitated tiger from Chitwan National Park (A) to Bardia National Park (B).
Goal Two
Begin process of knowing the location and movements of all of the world’s 3,200 wild tigers.
Goal Three
Reestablish connectivity and ecological integrity in a landscape amidst a crush of humanity.
The Nepalese Team
The veterinarian team prepares the ketamine tranquilizer for the male tiger.
Success with the Sedative
Data collection begins.
Self explanatory!
WWF’s President and CEO Carter Roberts affixes GPS collar and satellite transmission device.
Preparing for the Journey
Still sedated, the tiger is loaded onto the truck and the long westward journey begins.
The Plan
WWF Nepal team discuss the Terai and steps to restore landscapes between parks.
The Procession Across the Terai
The groggy tiger is hauled in the vehicle announcing “Conservation for Development.”
A Formal Exchange
The National Park directors from Chitwan and Bardia formalize the tiger’s translocation.
Taking to the Trees
The team takes to the trees for a relatively safe viewing of the release.
He’s Off
After a brief hesitation, the tiger glides through the forest. The translocation is a success.
The Tracking Team
Bidding the tracking team farewell as they set off to follow the tiger with telemetry.
It Takes and Army
The team celebrates the first of many collaring and translocations of tigers in Nepal.
A Joyous Occasion
Communities celebrate the restoration work throughout the Terai Arc landscape following the release.
Terai Communities Embracing the Need for Forests
Communities throughout the Terai welcome the prospects of more productive forests.
The Tiger A Week After the Translocation
The tiger, named Namo Buddha, enjoying the benefits of a more-intact landscape. Read more about the translocation process here.

How to Rehabilitate and Move a Wounded Wild Tiger

Pictures from the WWF's tiger translocation adventures this past January, courtesy of CEO Carter Roberts.

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