Waking up for work is about as fun as doing your taxes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be entertaining. Here, a list of the world’s 10 most innovative alarm clocks--from the clever (auto-donating $10 to your most-hated charity every time you hit snooze) to the crazy (auto-cooking bacon on your nightstand).
Bouncing Soccer Alarm Clock
Everyone dreams of throwing their alarm clock into a wall, but this one literally won’t turn off until you do. Beware of nearby laptops--and people. $20, amazon.com
Don’t be fooled by the cutesy name. Clocky, a.k.a. the Roomba from hell, will jump off your nightstand and roll around on the floor until you tame it by hitting the snooze button. $39-45, nandahome.com
File under “so bad it’s good”: Every time you hit snooze, the SnuzNLuz clock connects to the Internet and donates $10 to your most-hated charity. $39.99, thinkgeek.com
Flying Alarm Clock
Once this device launches its flying propeller, you have to catch and click it back into place to stop the beeping. Not recommended for those with poor reflexes. $19.99, thinkgeek.com
Coin Bank Alarm Clock
You have to pop a coin into this cube-shaped clock before it turns off. A perfect use for all those Sacajawea dollars you’ve been hoarding out of embarrassment. $69.99, gizmine.com
Sonic Boom Alarm Clock
Try sleeping through this, slacker: The Sonic Boom blasts up to 113 decibels--about as loud as your typical Metallica concert. $42.95, sonicalert.com
Neverlate Executive
The Neverlate can store a full week’s worth of individual alarm schedules, so you--and your bedfellows--will never be late for all those different jobs you work. $59.95, americaninnovative.com
Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock
Hippies, rejoice: Hammacher-Schlemmer’s Peaceful Progression clock eases into the wake-up with a mix of lights, aromatherapy scents, and gentle nature sounds that intensifies over time. $70, hammacher.com
Sfera Radio Alarm Clock
Put simply, the Sfera is a ball on a string that hangs from the ceiling and needs to be squeezed to turn off. But here’s the Luciferian design conceit: every time you “hit” snooze, the device retracts a little higher toward the ceiling--until you have to stand to make it shut up. Concept only
Wake n’ Bacon
We knew this was too good to be true: The Wake n’ Bacon starts cooking a strip of bacon 10 minutes before it sounds an alarm to give you that genuine jeez-my-room-smells-awesome/awful morning experience. Concept only