Organic Tea Farming With a Twist
Not only is Michelle Rose growing tea, she and her husband, Parker Croft, are growing modern architecture on the rural island of Kauai. In this photo, you can see the setting where the tea plants grow, just in front of the structure Croft built, and then of course Kauai's towering mountains in the background. The setting is not only perfect for growing tea--with precise shade and rain measures--but also for inviting guests in to enjoy the art of (organic) tea.
Hawaii-style Organic Tea
Inside their home, this is where Rose and Croft experiment with their teas, including baking, steaming, and other methods.
Tea bushes up close
Rose's tea bushes for Cloudwater grew from cuttings originally from Pakistan that were brought over with the help of a British tea consultant. Using established bushes helped Rose get started and the actual growing process has been her own experiment. The processing of tea leaves makes just as much a difference as the plant itself and how it's groomed.
Tea stream
A stream wraps around the Cloudwater property leading to a generous swimming hole, right under the tea bushes.
Organic farmers in the making
The 10-acre farm is home to carefully plotted tea bushes, cultivated with the help of several of Croft's former students. Guests will also be able to volunteer and take classes.
Modern Hawaii
The style of Cloudwater is best described as Hawaiian-influenced modern and earthy with a touch of classical zen and minimalism, with lots of wood. The process of getting all the materials to Kauai was intensively laborious.
Artist in Residence
After years of teaching and practicing architecture in Vermont, Croft is increasingly focused on sculpture--his works decorate the farm and the house.
Cloudwater architecture
The main Cloudwater structure is complete, and the entire series of bungalows for guests is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2010.

Organic Tea Farming in Hawaii

The organic farming movement has swept the nation, even to the island state of Hawaii, where Kauai's sole tea farmer, Michelle Rose, is on a mission to spread the art and experience of tea.

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