Afghan Girls on Wheels
One of Skateistan's several unique traits is the opportunity it gives to girls to both express themselves in sport and in the classroom, as you'll see in the following images. Skateistan is one of the few co-ed educational programs in the country.
Skateistan Gear Meets Traditional Afghan Clothing
Girls in Afghanistan continue to be at risk of violence, indentured labor, and child marriages, but at Skateistan, girls are championed as equals. The young girl pictured in this photo sports the new Skateistan-branded helmet over her traditionally-embroidered clothing.
Skating for All
The Skateistan skate park is attended by 300 regular students and 30 staff--mostly volunteers from around the world.
Ready, Set, Skate
Boys of all socio-economic backgrounds line up together for their class and check out each other's gear. The Skateistan brand will soon be a household name in the global skating community.
Skating and Playing in the Outdoors
The outdoor area is a favorite and has so far been safe for the children. Percovich says they only go out at certain times.
Girls Education at Skateistan
The girls come together for regular classes on a variety of subjects, including the Millenium Development Goals.
Boys Given Alternatives
Exposure to skating has given young Afghan children an alternative activity, as many of the students are from the streets and don't attend school.
Creativity and Engendering Open Mindedness
The students also get creative--with their moves and by painting their own boards. The hope is that Skateistan will create future generations of open-minded, progressive, enlightened leaders.
Future Legends of the World
Skateistan is creating future rock-stars of the world, both in the skating industry and in approaches to peace and international development.

Skateistan Skate Park NGO in Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghanistan's only skateboarding park—not to mention the only skateboarding-based NGO in the country—offers girls and boys of different backgrounds the opportunity to come together in the name of ollies, peace, and education.

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