At the end of three weeks, The Influence Project continues to build. With over 15,000 participants (and counting), 250,000 visitors to the site, and a half-million page views, the digital kaleidoscope of influencers continues to spread. The project has been mentioned in nearly 500 blog posts and has achieved a global reach, from Bogota to Botswana, Asia to Oceania. Truly amazing. As the wall expands, I’ve repeatedly found myself navigating through the faces, and I’m amazed by the originality and creativity that went into the portraits.

Here’s a slideshow of a score and ten that drew me in. If you all like Portraits of Influence, I’ll make it a regular feature. Again, thanks to everyone for participating, we’ve still only half way through and I’m fascinated to see what kind of influence bombs go off in the coming days.

She had me with her Cartier-Bresson style, but really nailed it with her bio.

The energy of the headshot matches his poetic writing. Suck it indeed.
Blood simple.
Even without a bio, I couldn’t help but love the mustache symmetry.
We need more arts advocates.
You mess with the Garlick, you get the horns.
The juxtaposition of song titles and directly addressing the reader is mesmerizing. Not to mention the Technicolor prowess of the image.
If only we could all go on Superhero sabbaticals.
The student has become the master.
The optimism of the swing and the economic use of language. Yes: rad.
A mantra we should all live by.
Holy Che!
Making sure to cover the blue hair demo.
Unlocking the dreads.
The look says I have a secret I may share. Breadwinner Mom is just a great title.
This is what I’d like my lawyer to look like, and the attitude hits just the right note.
A liquid portrait with a perfectly positive point of view.
Can someone translate the words on the image for me?
I’ve never seen anyone make cabbage seem so sensual.
Three words: Gang of Four.
I’m fascinated by her fascination.
I love Mr. Teoh’s optimism and ambition. Still I’d like to advise him to drop out and spend some time traveling the world.
Her approach to curiosity and love of metadata baffles and intrigues me.
Who doesn’t need a pipe dream cheerleader?
Some people are Rock Star Authors. Others are Hot Moguls. Rarely is someone both, yet here we have it.
When I read this I just wanted to believe it. Keep it real, Preston.
We also need more respect advocators in the world. Keep up the good work.
The words are even better when they’re sung.
In case you didn’t realize, The Influence Project is global and Botswana is in the house.
And yes, we are grateful to all of you influencers who are participating in this project. It really is an amazing spectrum of humanity.
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