Nitrate Agencies Co., 1925
Guano is the excrement (feces and urine) of seabirds, bats, and seals. The pure stuff is the best.

The new book American Trademarks: A Compendium unearths hundreds of forgotten logotypes and trademarks. Here are 11 of the quirkiest.
Scott & Williams, Inc., 1946
For the fun of fine hosiery.
The American Tobacco Co., 1935
When smoking was high class.
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, 1957
Once symbolizing the wonder of being wired.
The Baxter Corp., 1974
Ready to go boldly where no man has gone before.
The Tabulating Machine Co., 1931
IBM before they were "Big Blue."
Arbie Mineral Feed Co., Inc., 1954
A forerunner for a Harley?
Lydia V. Billing, 1936
Classic elegance and grace. But this was for a hair growth company. Did they mean "Hair On"?
Philomene G. Walsh, 1938
Wow! A triple pun!
Worthington Products Co., 1945
This product under promises and over delivers.
Educational Data Sciences, 1965
Always wise.

11 Logos You May Not Remember From "American Trademarks"

A new book unearths hundreds of forgotten logotypes and trademarks. Ken Carbone plucks a few of his favorites, from The American Tobacco Company to Nitrate Agencies Company.

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