Let's admit that most green consumer products look terrible--if it's made out of recyclables, odds are, it also looks like it was made by someone wearing patchouli and dreadlocks. DBA, a small start-up based in New York, is looking to change that, with products that are both seductively minimal and fastidiously sustainable. (Researched by their team of sustainability engineers, which also offers green-design consulting.) As a result, each of their products tells a story of how it was sourced and made.

Here, their 98 pen is 98% biodegradable. The shaft is made from bioplastics derived from potatoes; the pens are manufactured using only electricity that comes from winds farms.

The packaging for the 98 pen.
Their forthcoming electric space heater is lightweight and made of recycled aluminum, to save on fuel used during shipping. It also disassembles, so that it can ship flat.
A detail of the heater.
Another upcoming product is probably the looking extension cord we've seen. And unlike with most electronics peripherals, it releases no toxic materials in its manufacture, use, or disposal.
Misting is an extremely efficient way of cooling, which is why DBA designed a humidifier...
...unlike most designs, you refill the reservoir simply by lifting the top off. The mist comes from an low-energy, ultrasonic evaporation system.
Their Dishrack--the first product they introduced--sports a remarkable clever design that you might overlook. The flexible rods grow denser to the right of the rack, to accommodate smaller items like cutlery. But the entire thing is made of bendy plastic that can adapt to dishes of any shape. It's made complete of recycled polypropylene.
Their Endless notebook is made completely of recycled paper, and, like the 98 pen, is manufactured with wind power.

DBA Wants to be the Muji of Green Design

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