Dome House | New York
This spectacular New York retreat features a green dome home with floor-to-ceiling windows, and a spaceship-like exterior that rotates to make the most of the sun's rays.
Hill House | Santiago, Chile
This beautiful home set a top a majestic hillside outside Santiago, Chile boasts stunning views and huge doors that allow nature to come right inside.
Metamorphasis House | Tunquen, Chile
When it came time to redesign the family home, a son and his wife created a unique ocean front, solar powered home in Tunquen Chile. With gracious modern interiors and sprawling decks, this home is completely off the grid.
Casa Neverlandia | Austin, Texas
Outside of Austin, Texas sits this crazy, candy-colored house that looks like it's right out of a fairy tale. The style is whimsical and fun, but the technology is totally green.
The Grass Roof Bungalow | Minneapolis, MN
Outside of Minneapolis, sits a former 1940's bungalow like you have never seen. The deck is made from recycled milk jugs, there's grass on the roof and different types of solar panels saves this family around $800 a year on the electric bill.
The Hamburg Eco-House | Hamburg, Germany
Inside this ultra modern stork-like box home, features include, an open concept design for communal living, lots of windows, a remarkable two-story bookcase and a tiny carbon footprint.
The Hong Kong Space Saver | Hong Kong
Squeezed into an over-crowded Hong Kong where space is a luxury, this ultra hip 330 square foot apartment features a futuristic sliding wall system that creates up to 24 different room combinations.
The Revived Pump House | Lake Erie, OH
Located on Lake Erie, an architect revives a rustic pump house, utilizing the original pump system and the structure's original ice wall.
The Futuristic Seattle Retreat | Seattle, WA
Check out the PC-1. Named for it's politically correctness, this futuristic Seattle retreat brings modern sustainability to the suburbs.
The Arizona Straw Bale House | Scottsdale, AZ
Check out the first ever straw bale house located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Features include a saltwater swimming pool, and a cooling tower inspired by Middle Eastern architecture.
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The World's Greenest Homes

From a 5,000-square-foot family home in rural New York to majestic hillsides outside Santiago, Chile, with stops in Hamburg, Hong Kong and Seattle; Planet Green goes inside some of the most environmentally and aesthetically conscious homes in the world. Here's a look at a select few.

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