For infographics and design nerds, there are few books as useful as Data Flow, a compendium of data visualization experiments ranging from the poetic to the absurd to the wonky. But since it was first published in 2007, the medium has exploded. Thankfully, Gestalten is releasing Data Flow 2 next week--and they've given Fast Company a sneak peek at some of 200+ infographics it contains. (You can pre-order the book here.) Take a look...
Here, a screencap from a video for Hellman's, designed by Crush. (We previously wrote about it here.) It makes the case for eating local, and the slick animations make the voluminous data go down easy.
Here, a still image of an astounding kinetic sculpture created by Art+Com for the BMW Museum. Don't miss video of the piece here.
A funny bit of art vision by Nadeem Haidery, who adds nutrition labels to famous works, such as this Campbell's Soup piece by Andy Warhol.
Another one from Haidery, this time appropriating Paul Cezanne's Still Life with a Basket of Apples.
A gobsmacking graphic by Arno Ghelfi for Wired magazine, which illustrates the precipitous price declines that occur when gadgets are adopted by the mainstream.
Artist Tim Hawthorn drafted an oak tree as an art assistant by attaching a pen to its branches... they rustled in the wind, they created a plot of their movement, during the course of their day.
Another piece by Art+Com: A "statistics strip" for the exhibition ;Work, Meaning and Worry,; which made boring stats into something experiential and engaging.
Sarah Illenberger created a number of brilliant infographics, to illustrate a sex survey by Germany magazine NEON. Here, a chart of sexual orientations.
Another extra-cheeky graph from the sex survey project: This one shows the number of times people browse porn on the web. All the way on the right--2%, and the big roll of paper towels--are those who browse 30+ times a month. To the left, 1-3 times a month.
The Sleep Agony Chart, by famed illustrator Christoph Niemann.
A stunning chart documenting the entire history of our space exploration, designed by 5W. (Which we also covered here.)
A detail from the 5W space exploration poster.
Michael Najjar used photographs of of mountain ranges to create a graph of the stock market in the last 30 years. Pictured, the Hang Seng index between 1980 and 2009.