Jens Rasmussen and Lars Rasmussen
Though their brainchild has yet to take hold, the brothers behind Google Wave made project management and team communication topics of discussion the world over.
J.J. Abrams
He didn't just direct a huge Hollywood film. With Star Trek Abrams reimagined a touchstone of our culture in a way that pleased both mainstream audience and Klingon-speaking, pointy-earned obsessives.
Kudo Tsunoda
As the creative director behind Microsoft's Project Natal for the Xbox 360, Tsunoda is spearheading a piece of tech that may just out-motion-control Nintendo and its Wii.
Jon Rubinstein
He came on board as the new chairman of Palm and brought about the Web OS and the Palm Pre, the start of a line of products that is the best hope for reintroducing the geek masses to Palm.
Neill Blomkamp
The writer and director of District 9, he provided the movie-going public with a solid work of science fiction that explores prejudice and greed.
Mark Zuckerberg
It is hard not to put the founder of Facebook on this list, with users on the social network more than doubling to over 350 million this year.
Sefton Hill
The game Batman Arkham Asylum was one of the best this year, and under Hill's direction players were able to explore both sides of the Dark Knight--the detective and the bad guy-pounding bad ass.
Raimo van der Klein, Claire Boonstra, Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald
The founders of Layar, this trio has given the cell-phone world a solid framework to use augmented reality maps with everything.
David S. Goyer
As the creator of the series Flash Forward, Goyer adapted a good novel into a compelling television show.
Evan Williams and Biz Stone
2009 was the Year of Twitter; everyone from Oprah to Tracy Morgan got on board, and Ashton raced CNN for dominance. More importantly, mothers, uncles, and grandparents worldwide have started tweeting--founders Williams and Stone must be proud.

The Fast Company Geeks of the Year

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