Nursing a design habit is tricky: It's hard to be design-obsessed without resorting to throw pillows and wallpaper. And that makes the design-obsessed hard to shop for, without tipping into self-parody. Here, we've done some work for you, with 18 gift ideas.

A Martini glass by byAMT. $55 for set of two at YankoDesign.

Champagne flutes. $59 for two, at YankoDesign.
Bertelli is more than a bike maker; they're bike curators who lovingly hand-select the best parts for vintage-style rides. Give the time that takes and the quality of the parts, the $1,500 price tag is actually pretty reasonable. At Bertelli.
Side view.
A modern take on the classic bell-jar mantel clock. $215 at MoMA.
Finally, a decent-looking camera case. This one's made out of felt, with a leather strap for your hand. $72 at Hardgraft.
Falcon Motorcycles restores classic Triumph motorcycles, using brand-new parts that are hand-made.
One of the best-looking rain-shower heads out there, distributed by Flexdoccia.
SmrtCase, for iPhone, has a space for I.D. cards or metrocards, and you can slide out what you need on the fly. $30 at SmrtCase.
InCase's perforated iPhone case. $30 at InCase .
The scariest candleholder you'll ever buy, designed by Maxim Velcovsky. $99 at Gnr8.
Samsung's BD P4600 Blu-Ray Player. $264 at Amazon.
An 18-inch-by-24-inch, gold-leaf poster by Jason Dean, The ABC's of Branding. It shows an alphabet comprised of famous logos. $50 at Merchline.
A detail.
Headhones designed by KiBiSi. $73 through the manufacturer, AiAiAi.
BassJump, a portable subwoofer designed to mesh with the Apple MacBook Pro. $80 at TwelveSouth.
A turnable designed by AudioWood. Available at Anthropologie. $1,300.
A beautiful deck of playing cards designed by painter Tauba Auerbach. Like much of Auerbach's work, the designs are inspired by mathematics. Inquire for price at Dzek.
A natural-wood desk set. $75 at Areaware.
MyPressi, a handheld espresso maker. The pressure to create a creamy cuppa comes from a nitrous-oxide canister in the handle, which aerates the coffee and water. $169 at MyPressi.
This bedside lamp by Townhouse has a faceted shape for a reason: You can adjust the light intensity by laying the lamp on different sides, since each opening of the shade varies in size. Approximately $170 through TownHouse.

A Hand-Crafted, One-of-a-Kind Gift List for Design Obsessives

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