Nokia Reveals Lumia 925 Smartphone, Channeling Apple's Aluminum

The Lumia 925 sports a wraparound aluminum body, which is a change for Nokia.

Today in London, Nokia revealed its latest top-end smartphone, the Lumia 925. The phone sports a 4.5-inch OLED screen and an 8.7 megapixel rear camera. Unlike Nokia's recent experimentation with highly colorful plastic chassis, though, the phone has an iPhone-esque aluminum body.

Nokia only revealed its Lumia 928 last week--an extremely similar phone in terms of specs, seeming to contain many of the same parts as the new 925. But the 928 plastic-body phone is a U.S. Verizon exclusive, which explains why Nokia also released the 925.

The thin 8.5 mm-deep aluminum body is an interesting move for Nokia. This type of high-end finish on a smartphone has become a trademark of Apple design, even though other makers like HTC have copied the approach and produced similarly elegant machines. A lot is riding on this phone--Nokia's future really hinges on this type of high-end device. But Windows Phone 8 hasn't captured much of the smartphone market, and Nokia is trailing industry leaders like Samsung and Apple. Will the 925's stylish design be a winner? Its €469 price ($610) may be a barrier, along with its June availability--Apple's next iPhone is also rumored to arrive in the summer.

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  • soloinsing

    Nokia has been employing aluminum casings on their phones since well before Apple was in the mobile space. Their E series of phones were noted at the time for their aluminum bodies.