Tesla Model S Gets Consumer Reports' Top Rating

Consumer Reports has done something rather surprising: It's awarded the Tesla Model S the top score of any car it's ever tested.

The site notes that the car won "even though it's an electric car. In fact, it does so because it is electric." Apparently the car's "overall balance benefits from mounting the battery under the floor and in the lowest part of the body," which "gives the car a rock-bottom center of gravity that enables excellent handling, a comfortable ride, and lots of room inside." Consumer Reports also liked that the front trunk offers storage where other cars have a gasoline engine, and the car's option for a seventh seat as a jump seat in the back. The site even liked the "Marty McFly"-esque interior.

Does this make sense to you? The Model S has a base price of $70,000 (before any tax incentives), so it's hardly accessible to the average buyer, and as a sporty sedan it's not necessarily going meet the typical consumer's needs. Of course, Consumer Reports has courted controversy before, down-marking the iPhone 4 because of what turned out to be an overblown issue with its antenna.

[Image: By Flickr user alabut]

[Additional reporting by Jessica Hullinger]

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  • E Menatejeda

    The Tesla Model S is very expensive, but as any piece of technology what we have now is what will enable us to innovate even more and make the next models even cheaper. The company even said that their next project is a compact sedan around the 30,000 mark price.