Jonah Berger: Twitter Therapist

In this episode of Creative Conversations, the author of Contagious talks about how digital conversation is changing the way we act in public and think about ourselves.

When I sat down with the author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On during SXSW this year, I didn't expect it to turn into an exploration of my own Twitter psyche. But Jonah Berger turned out to be an excellent therapist—at least if you want to know how to improve your follower count.

"Because there is no one sitting in the room with us, we are willing to open up in some ways," says the Wharton School of Business professor. "It allows us to reveal things we might not otherwise because we don't see the other people around."

That can be a good or a pretty bad thing, depending on how you use it. But one of the six STEPPS that help make ideas go viral, according to Berger's decade-long research, is "ease for emotion." The more we care about a piece of information the more likely we are to pass it along. Personal stories are more share-worthy because they are authentic and resonate in a way that most marketing messages do not.

Berger also thinks that digital communication has the potential to change in-person conversation for the better. Watch the video to find out why.

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  • craig daniels

    I'm with the first commenter, the car in the room was so out of place but it was the background music that destroyed the interview for me. Were we supposed to think we were at a party covertly listening to a conversation? And if multitasking really doesn't work why hyped-up music splitting attention away from the conversation?

  • NoahRobischon

    The music is a bit loud, it's covering the noise from a delivery truck that was unloading during this entire interview. All-in-all not the best setup for a video production -- but I still enjoyed the interview and thought it was worth sharing.

  • craig daniels

     Thanks Noah for the reply, I agree the interview was worth sharing and had some good stuff... Just wanted to give you a heads up for the next one you do... Thanks again...

  • awwhite

    Yeow, how about that 2 ton elephant in the room? how out of place did that look?! we get it Lincoln is a sponsor, but a car in a cafe? you guys can do better. distracts from the video.

  • NoahRobischon

    I hear ya, it's a bit much - although to be fair we weren't inside the cafe but in a tent nearby.