Hotmail Is Officially Dead

Earlier this year Microsoft announced it was pensioning off the backend of Hotmail and replacing it with its Outlook mail system. Well, it's now done. All 300 million-plus Hotmail accounts have been switched to the newer, fancier system, laying to rest the original freemail that started in 1996. Sob!

The software firm is proud of its Outlook, which it now claims has over 400 million active accounts, 125 million of which are accessed from mobile devices. Microsoft says that it took six weeks to migrate 150 petabytes of email. users will still use the same address, but their mailboxes will look tidier and more modern. They will also find it easier to use multiple email addresses, and have more integration with SkyDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage system, meaning files and photos stored there can be transferred to Outlook more easily.

Are you tempted by the new Outlook, or is it completely irrelevant to you, as you're so, like, ovah email. Perhaps the news make you sad—so sad, in fact, that you feel like you're running through a confusing vortex of lost GeoCities Neighborhoods wearing Reebok Pump sneakers while singing the entire back catalog of the Spice Girls' oeuvre?

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  • Joey Gault

    Hotmail was a great service when it started I feel it maintained exactly what it set out to do - easy email with mass acceptance. Gmail positioned itself as a much leaner option and it succeeded.

    Although I don't use either service frequently, I feel that Outlook has a bit more validity as a professional email address than Hotmail ever did.

  • Nancylewis2002

    So wrong in sending multiple emails.  It was so bad I will send out another just to ask if addresses got the message.  It also put two addresses together, one of which was not in the titled group I had set up. 

  • Akumawraith

    Honetly I loved Hotmail for its UI, ease of use and its longevity... I had used it from the beginning in 1996 and loved it even then.

    with this outlook nazi movement forced switch I feel we all were robbed of something. For one i miss my lil robot watering the flowers in my Banner.. this stock uni-color BS is painful to look at after all this time. It feels almost as if Outlook is the older of the two. Which if you consider it.. it is.. Outlook sucked when it was part of Office. Now its forced on us because few home users used the office version.

    Then theres my ability to open emails.. I didnt have a problem opening emails in Hotmail... with outlook however i get hang ups, errors and worst case a blank screen. Im not sure what the CEO of Microsoft is thinking, maybe they should bring Bill back so that things can get back on track. This balmer idiot is running the company into the ground with these poor choices and itll only be a matter of time before someone replaces Microsofts Outlook email with a superior one that functions like Hotmail did but without all the Large ads. like gmail.

  • Bernusdellus

    I use apple mail and am extremely happy with it. This article an it's author appear to be shilling for microsoft

  • Mohamoud Ali Mohamed

    Sorry, to hear passing away of Hotmail, my old friend,  if anyone know where his burial ceremony be holding, please, update me! 

  • Da_knees

    Hate it, hate it, hate it!!!  After almost 17 years of Hotmail it's time to find a new email account.  Really don't like the interface at all.

  • richard bubb

    For all those in the Do Not Like column... remember that Steve Ballmer is running the game at MSFT. He brought us the likes of Win8, and an increasing list of Not Liked products. I read somewhere that every good version of Windows is is leapfrogged and then replaced with a product that has poor market reception. Example Win98 (ok), Win ME (not), WinXP (ok), Vista (not), Win7 (ok), Win8 (not). Personally, I am holding out for Win9, as I have not seen a compelling reason to migrate to Win8.
     Suffice to say, I am not a like-it person for the new Outlook. From my point of view, it's mostly a UI change. It would be nice if the option existed for users to have hyperlinks actually outlined so you could click on what you want, instead of having to mouse around, clicking on dead screen zones.

  • Ynotcj7

    i always enjoyed Hotmail and had good luck with it..I always hated Outlook and the way it worked..I hope the new hotmail that is now outlook is better than outlook ever was...

  • JC

    Outlook hasn't been so bad on the computer, it basically seems the same to me. I miss using hotmail on my cellphone though, Outlook created a mess and would not let me access ANY of my phone contacts, so I had to uninstall it completely! My husband had the same issue on his phone, and reading the reviews (unfortunately after the fact) there are SO MANY complaints about the mobile outlook!

  • Hounded

    Outlook has been a nightmare.  Computer freezes.  It keeps prompting you to rearrange things.  I liked hotmail.  Easy to use.  We didn't have a choice moving to outlook.  I hate i.

  • Heather

    Hotmail isn't completely dead to me, since my email address is still after all. The new format is swell but I wouldn't say it bowled me over or anything...just feels like it caught up to Gmail. I do appreciate it being faster and more convenient.

  • Alex Jorge

    In my case Hotmail was just as criminal as  theft, when they came out the very first day, I open account with  attractive  names like: and most as the mayor US Internet service. they stolen those who are more atractive. after some time, I open more atractive accounts like: and well, same... The problem is that, WHEN ENTERPRISES AND COMPANIES OWN OUR GOVERNMENTS,  LAWS AND CONSTITUTION, BECAME LIKE A TOILET PAPER FORM THEM.

  • foto/matthijs

     Uh .. were you the owner of google, microsoft, wikileaks, etc? Did you work at those places? If not, you should not try to abuse company names like that. Actually, YOU were stealing and abusing the name of institutions that were more famous than you are, to have their fame rub off on you.

  • Charlie Almond

    I should whisper this, but I think the new Outlook format is loads better than Gmail...

  • TimK

     I have two...out of necessity. The first kept getting hacked and shut down, not so much the other, for some reason. Either way, people don't really email me at either place.