Building materials that Megan Caponetto used to create the base for the candy sculpture

The beginging to the base of the candy sculpture structure

Candy starts to be placed on the foam structure

The candy for the foreground starts to be placed on the foamcore

Rolling hills start to be built

Rolling hills start to be built

Rolling candy hills close to completion.

Most of the foreground and rolling hills completed

The sky starts to be built from many candy pearls amongst various other pieces

The Final Product, made up of 33132 pieces of candy

68. Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick

Cofounders, Sugarfina

The Wonkavators

"We’re on a mission to reinvent the candy category" says Sugarfina’s Rosie O’Neill, "which has become stagnant and kind of gross!" Candy (as distinct from chocolate) makes up a third of the $150 billion global sweets market, but no one has targeted foodies. Coupled-up cofounders O’Neill and Josh Resnick started plotting Sugarfina after their third date. (They saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory—really.) The former director of marketing for Barbie and the tech entrepreneur, respectively, try to "create excitement around candy, like in that movie," O’Neill says.

The online boutique, which launched late last summer, sells gummies, licorice, and cordials from around the globe, wittily packaged in bento boxes to encourage buyers to try new flavors. Liquor-infused treats come with a flask. It has become the go-to candy offering for everything from Facebook Gifts to Drybar; its first retail location is likely to open later this year. O’Neill will also send the first—and most delicious—gummy bear into space. It’ll be passenger No. 116 on Virgin Galactic. Like Sugarfina itself, that’s one giant step for candy.

[Candy Sculpture by Megan Caponetto, Photograph by Jason Pietra]

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  • Lina Abdo

    Did anyone have a look at what Les Cinq Amandes ( The Five Almonds LLC) did  when they launched in 2007 with only ten thousand dollars, great ideas and creativity, and no former business experience?