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97. Stephanie Horbaczewski

President, CEO, StyleHaul

The Video Stylist

Imagine this: A hundred teen versions of celeb stylist Rachel Zoe, each armed with a webcam. That's the kind of genius energy that has made Style-Haul YouTube's No. 1 fashion and beauty channel. Stephanie Horbaczewski, the former director of marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue, now oversees more than 1,800 video bloggers in 41 countries, sharing fashion tips such as how to get that Vampire Diaries look. The channel's success is in vlogger training: Horbaczewski's team spends three weeks tutoring prospective video makers on creating content that will most engage audiences, and it gives everyone in its network access to its data as well. "It's mind- blowing when you realize 16-to 24-year-olds are processing analytics," she says. She hopes the next step will blow even more minds: StyleHaul is building a shoppable video player for its own site, to let viewers click on a video and purchase what they see.

[Portrait illustration by Denise Nestor]