38. Evelyn Mazzocco

SVP of creative, global girls’ and games brands, Mattel

The Methodical Toy Maker

Each and every year, Mattel puts out 8,000 toys—and redesigns 80% of its product line. Understatement alert: "We have to have a disciplined approach to creativity," Evelyn Mazzocco says. She stresses collaboration, which recently led to the monster-hit Monster High. Designers hatched the idea after a consumer insights shopping trip with tween girls, who gravitated toward "scary cute" styles. The dolls debuted in 2010 with a web series and are now the No. 2 doll in the world, second only to Barbie (whose successful 2008 reboot Mazzocco also shepherded). Her latest: Max Steel, tough enough to take on G.I. Joe.

[Image courtesy of Mattel]

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  • James

    Mattel the company that have pissed of millions of people around the world with destruction of online scrabble with changes that make it unpleasant to play and lost friends lists of every player